Climate Change NASA Glacier Melting Columbia University

The image above depicts the effects climate change has had on Alaska's Muir Glacier. The photo on the left was taken on Aug 13, 1941 by William O. Field. The photo on the right was taken by Bruce F. Molnia on Aug 31, 2004.

Some 40 years ago a Columbia professor coined the phrase “global warming.” Wallace Broecker (CC’53, GSAS’58), the Newberry Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences, published an article titled "Climatic Change: Are We on the Brink of a Pronounced Global Warming?” in a 1975 issue of Science magazine.

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Astronomy Students Rooftop Variables Program Columbia University

Rings of Saturn, moons of Jupiter, the constellation Cassiopeia. Young students are reaching for the stars and planets, with Columbia’s help.

As the Islamic State continues its attacks in Iraq, Syria and now France, Columbia News asked professors from a number of disciplines to evaluate the threats posed by the group. 

Marcos Troyjo Brazil Economy Columbia University
At the turn of the century, an economist coined the acronym BRIC to refer to the rising fortunes of the developing nations Brazil, Russia, India and China. At that time, Brazil’s nominal GDP expanded to qualify the Latin American country as one...

Dear Alma,

This year is the centennial of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Given how famous our physics department became, did he ever come to Columbia to talk about it?