Awards & Milestones

Columbia University will confer six honorary degrees and recognize the alumni recipient of its University Medal for Excellence at commencement exercises on Wednesday, May 16. The recipients are:

Muhal Richard Abrams, Doctor of Music

Thomas M. Jessell, Ph.D.

The Gairdner Foundation has announced the recipients of the 2012 Canada Gairdner Awards.

Columbia University announced today that three acclaimed works: a highly original history of the American West, a new perspective on the transformation of ideas from the end of the twentieth century, and a startling new perspective on the Civil Rights movement, will be awarded the 2012 Ban

Great teachers engage, challenge, inspire and empower their students. And they draw inspiration from the teachers who taught them. So say the nine winners of this year’s Distinguished Columbia Faculty Awards, who won for their teaching and mentoring skills.

Professor Delbanco with President Obama at the award ceremony, held at the White House on Feb. 13 Image credit: Courtesy of the National Endowment for the Humanities

Andrew Delbanco, who has been called “America’s best social critic,” was awarded a National Humanities Medal by President Barack Obama (CC’83) yesterday.

Columbia University School of the Arts is pleased to announce that Timothy Donnelly, associate professor of writing, has won the $100,000 Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award for his book The Cloud Corporation (Wave, Picador).

Stuart Firestein, chair of the Department of Biological Sciences, and William Zajc, chair of the Department of Physics, have been elected fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), a prestigious scientific society established in 1848.

Electrical engineer Dirk Englund works on processing and transmission of data in the form of photons, the tiniest particles of light. Image credit: Eileen Barroso/Columbia University

Englund, an assistant professor of electrical engineering with a joint appointment in the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics, works in quantum photonics, the transmission and processing of data in the form of photons, the smallest particles of light. This line of research has potential real-world applications for any agency or company dealing with confidential information, including banks, hospitals and the government.