Dennis Mitchell, Vice Provost for Faculty Diversity and Inclusion

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By Dr. Dennis A. Mitchell

Columbia President Lee C. Bollinger at The White House

Panelists from left: Theodore Shaw, director of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Center for Civil Rights; Columbia President Lee C. Bollinger; Lori Alveno McGill who served as defense counsel for the University of Texas in the recent Fisher cases; and Rutgers-Newark Chancellor Nancy Cantor.

Columbia’s Lee C. Bollinger was among the university presidents, deans, professors and policy makers who spoke at a Nov. 18 White House Summit on diversity and inclusion in postsecondary education.

Columbia President Lee C. Bollinger teaching.

Columbia President Lee C. Bollinger teaching.

When in June the Supreme Court issued a long-awaited ruling in Fisher v. University of Texas that upheld affirmative action in college admissions, the decision was widely hailed as a decisive victory recognizing the value of diversity in higher education.

Columbia Lee C. Bollinger Affirmative Action

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Spring Low Steps

INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine, which focuses on inclusion in higher education, has recognized Columbia and President Lee C. Bollinger for the University’s extensive efforts to build a diverse faculty and student body.

Farah Jasmine Griffin, Alondra Nelson White House Women Equality Columbia University

English and African American Studies Prof. Farah Jasmine Griffin (left) and Dean of Social Sciences Alondra Nelson

Pictured: Founder of Double Discover Center Roger Lehecka, new Executive Director Joseph Ayala, and student Jonathan Mangual. Photo credit: Bruce Gilbert.

Columbia College announced today the appointment of Joseph Ayala as the new Executive Director of its Double Discovery Center, a Columbia College program that works to enhance higher education opportunities for local low-income and first-generation youth and adults between the ages of 12 a

For American colleges and universities, today’s Supreme Court ruling in "Fisher v.

President Lee C. Bollinger is closely watching a Supreme Court case about educational diversity.

When the U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments Oct. 10 in the case of "Fisher vs. the University of Texas," colleges and universities will be looking for hints as to how the court might rule on a case which could upend long-held admission procedures at their schools.

Columbia and 13 other leading universities filed an amicus brief Monday in "Fisher v. University of Texas," a case revisiting whether universities may consider race, as one of several factors, in assembling a diverse student body.