President Lee C. Bollinger is closely watching a Supreme Court case about educational diversity.

When the U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments Oct. 10 in the case of "Fisher vs. the University of Texas," colleges and universities will be looking for hints as to how the court might rule on a case which could upend long-held admission procedures at their schools.

Columbia and 13 other leading universities filed an amicus brief Monday in "Fisher v. University of Texas," a case revisiting whether universities may consider race, as one of several factors, in assembling a diverse student body.

The winners of the Year 1 Case Study Competition, an integral part of the construction mentorship program, hold their awards. From left: Yam Gurung, J&Y Electric and Intercom Company Inc.; David Muñoz (mentor), Skanska USA Building Inc.; Kimberlee Kelley, Artisan Construction; Jorge Barbosa, U. Arias Corp.

Catherine Jallim has owned her own construction business for 11 years and thought she knew everything there was to know. Then she was accepted into Columbia University’s two-year construction mentorship program, where she learned even more.

From left: NYC Small Business Services Commissioner Robert W. Walsh, Columbia's Senior Executive Vice President Robert Kasdin, La-Verna Fountain and Joseph Ienuso
Bridge program participants for 2011-2012, back row, left to right: Claribel Nuñez, Juliana Agudelo, Steven Mohammed, Carlos Garcia. Front row, left to right: Kirsten Frazer, Corey Perez, Erick Andrade, John Pamplin II, Evan Hamilton, Raven Harris

Four years ago, the Provost’s Office launched an innovative program designed to close the growing gap between underrepresented minority students who major in natural sciences in college and the pool of individuals who pursue a doctorate in those same fields.

Columbia University has committed to investing $30 million to enhance the diversity of its faculty through the recruitment of outstanding female and underrepresented minority scholars.

Columbia University has been awarded a five-year, $3.7 million federal grant for a five-year program to im