Duy Linh Tu, an assistant professor at Columbia Journalism School, has been teaching students digital storytelling techniques since 2

Provost John Coatsworth has appointed Sree Sreenivasan as Columbia’s first Chief Digital Officer.

The Journalism building will be renamed "Pulitzer Hall."

Last fall, a private bus company operating under a city contract permitted its passengers, primarily Orthodox Jews, to enforce a religious tradition—in order to prevent physical c

David and Helen Gurley Brown in 1984. Photo/Hearst Corp. 

Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and Stanfor

Tom Edsall

Tom Edsall has covered every presidential campaign since 1968. He has reported on politics from more than 30 states and written five books on the subject.

Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) announced today that Cyndi Stivers has been appointed the editor-in-chief of the publication. Stivers, an adjunct professor at the Journalism School, teaches a digital magazine workshop.

An investigative reporter whose work has revealed how secret profit schemes cheated the families of fallen U.S.

Sylvia Nasar. Image credit: Piotr Redlinkski