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As a Business School professor who has won awards for teaching excellence, Daniel Ames doesn’t seem like someone associated with mind reading.

The computational analysis uncovered two vast genetic networks involved in schizophrenia, including one (pictured) that is related to a previously discovered genetic network involved in autism.

Although schizophrenia is highly genetic in origin, the genes involved in the disorder have been difficult to identify. In the past few years, researchers have implicated several genes, but it is unclear how they act to produce the disorder.

Geraldine Downey Image credit: Eileen Barroso/Columbia University

Geraldine Downey has spent most of her life contending with rejection. Not her own, happily. As a professor and onetime chair of the psychology department, she studies the ramifications of rejection on individuals and members of various groups.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) doubles risk of future cardiac event and death

Tory Higgins

Forget carrots and sticks, the widely used catch phrase suggesting people are motivated by the desire to seek pleasure and avoid pain.

Social psychologist Tory Higgins believes that formulation is simplistic at best.

Carl Hart (left), says that flawed research may be preventing meth addicts from getting effective treatment for substance abuse. Photo: Eve Vagg.

A review of recent research on methamphetamine use suggests that claims the drug causes significant cognitive prob

Amir Levine

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Seven years ago, when Amir Levine was in his child and adolescent psychiatry residency here at Columbia, he worked with mothers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, using attac

The rise of Internet search engines like Google has changed the way our brain remembers information, according to research by Columbia University psychologist Betsy Sparrow published July 14

After two years at Columbia as University provost, Claude Steele is returning to Stanford University, where he will become dean of its School of Education.