Stavros Lomvardas
Stavros Lomvardas has studied smell to the molecular level, uncovering how the nose knows different scents.
Site excavation at the bottom of a tree-lined hill in Greece.

Image Courtesy of © Onchestos Excavation Project


The Columbia community is thinking of those who are contending with flooding and related emergencies. In addition to individual school deans of students, there are immediate resources available:

Columbia Counseling and Psychological Services:

Veterans at Columbia University

Photo by Eileen Barroso 

Columbia University’s new Center for Veteran Transition and Integration has designed an online course to help veterans transition smoothly from military service to higher education.
2009 solar eclipse image by NASA JAXA

Image Courtesy of NASA/JAXA

On August 21, millions of people along a path stretching from Oregon to South Carolina will bear witness as the moon slips over the entire face of the sun, obscuring its light and allowing only the glow of its outer atmosphere to mark its place in the sky.


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