Year in Review 2017-18

May 14, 2018
Harlem Buyer Fair vendor

The Harlem Buyer Fair connects local vendors to retail opportunities.

Eric Holder

Columbia College launched the Eric H. Holder Initiative for Civil and Political Rights.

graphic representation of genealogy of a family tree

Crowdsourced family tree yields new insights about humanity.


Earth Institute unlocks the secrets of snow.

figure skating

Zuckerman Institute shows how practice makes perfect in figure skating.

Scene from "Wizard of Oz" with Judy Garland

Over the Rainbow: a music professor writes the story of the song of the century.

robotic exoskeleton

Robotic device improves balance and gait in Parkinson’s patients.

Ecologist Maria Uriarte studying trees post-Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Professor Maria Uriarte measured the climate impact of storm damage on Puerto Rico’s forests.

New Precision Dental Medicine state-of-the-art laboratory

New dental center brings state-of-the-art precision dentistry to the upper Manhattan community.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg on a stage for a public interview

Alumna Ruth Bader Ginsburg returned for inaugural ‘She Opened the Door’ conference and discussed Journalism professors’ documentary.

Columbia fencing athlete Iman Blow celebrates championship

Fencer Iman Blow becomes individual women’s NCAA champ.

Joachim Frank wins Nobel Prize

2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Professor Joachim Frank.

Artists part of the Uptown Exhibit

Wallach Gallery’s inaugural Uptown exhibition brought together local artists.

Taylor Mac standing in the middle aisle of an audience-filled room singing on a microphone.

Libraries digitize rare Muslim world manuscripts..

The Vagelos Nursing School Building lit up at night.

Sanctuary of Poseidon is Columbia’s first excavation in Greece.

stem cells

Biomedical engineers grow heart muscle from stem cells.

Historic Earl Hall site

Earl Hall listed on National Register of Historic Places for LGBT past.

Lions football team celebrating

8-2 Lions football had its best season in 21 years.


Columbia and The New York Times co-hosted a supermoon viewing party.