Art History

In late 1862, the French painter Édouard Manet recorded in his studio notebook that the model Laure posed for a portrait in his Paris studio.

Site excavation at the bottom of a tree-lined hill in Greece.

Image Courtesy of © Onchestos Excavation Project


Iraq ancient design

Rashid Agha house, Erbil Citadel, late Ottoman period, 19th century. Photo courtesy of Zainab Bahrani

Zainab Bahrani, the Edith Porada Professor of Ancient Near Eastern Art and Archaeology in the Department of Art History and Archaeology, is leading a project that focuses on heritage destruction in the

Portrait of Sir Kenelm Digby Painting Restored Columbia University

Cornelius Johnson, Portrait of Sir Kenelm Digby, oil on panel, 31 x 24 in. At left, the painting before restoration, image courtesy of the Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library. Right, post-conservation photograph by Juan Trujillo

Recently, one of the finest British paintings in the University’s art collection was the subject of a year-long conservation project.

Conservation Book Binding Columbia University
Columbia faculty are constantly publishing new books adding the latest scholarship to their respective fields. But deep in the basement of Butler Library, a group of dedicated conservators are engaged in the very different, but equally important task of preserving our cultural heritage.
 David Freedberg will be director of the Warburg Instititue at the University of London.

David Freedberg will be director of the Warburg Instititue at the University of London.

David Freedberg, the Pierre Matisse professor of art history and director of the Italian Academy, was named director of the Warburg Institute of the University of London, beginning in July.

Atik Ali Pasha Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey. Interior, central dome. Photo by Gabriel Rodriguez, Media Center for Art History, Department of Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University

When Zainab Bahrani traveled to Iraq 10 years ago, she realized that it was crucial to document the extensive damage to the country’s cultural treasures caused by years of war.

Islamic art raises questions about the uses and meanings of ornament, the role and image of calligraphy and the nature of abstract art. Above: The Mosque of the Three Doors, Kairouan, Tunisia. 866 AD. Traditionally said to have been erected by Muhammad Ibn Khayrun, a merchant from Al-Andalus.

For Avinoam Shalem the study of art history is not just about locating and defining a civilization, a culture or a movement, it’s about what he calls “interaction zones”— the places where culture and commerce collide and inspire new forms of expression.

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Bergdoll returns to the Department of Art History and Archaeology.

The original 1910 design for Avery Hall by McKim, Mead and White. The drawing is housed in the Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library Archives. (Image credit: Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library)

November 10, 2012 marks the first day of Avery Hall’s second century.