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Bridge program participants for 2011-2012, back row, left to right: Claribel Nuñez, Juliana Agudelo, Steven Mohammed, Carlos Garcia. Front row, left to right: Kirsten Frazer, Corey Perez, Erick Andrade, John Pamplin II, Evan Hamilton, Raven Harris

Four years ago, the Provost’s Office launched an innovative program designed to close the growing gap between underrepresented minority students who major in natural sciences in college and the pool of individuals who pursue a doctorate in those same fields.

Lindsay Clarke and Krzysztof Kosmicki

They say those who can’t, teach, but two students in one of Columbia’s graduate programs suggest the opposite—those who can, teach.

Great teachers engage, challenge, inspire and empower their students. And they draw inspiration from the teachers who taught them. So say the nine winners of this year’s Distinguished Columbia Faculty Awards, who won for their teaching and mentoring skills.

Carlos Alonso. Image credit: Eileen Barroso/Columbia University

When Carlos Alonso was a student at Escuela Secundaria de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, the island’s elite public high school, all his teachers were Ph.D.s, professors on loan from the University of Puerto Rico.
Carlos J. Alonso

Carlos J. Alonso

Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger today announced the appointment of Carlos J. Alonso as dean of Columbia’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.