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gray and black drawing of Kathryn Bache Miller's profile

Kathryn Bache Miller

Miller Theatre is named for Kathryn Bache Miller, a New York City philanthropist who give millions to local charities in New York City before she died in 1979.
black and white yearbook photos of playwrights Rodgers and Hammerstein when at Columbia University
Rodgers and Hammerstein's historic partnership began at Columbia and ended with a run of classic shows, including "Carousel," "The King and I," and "The Sound of Music."
Joachim Frank in commencement ceremonial robes carrying the mace

Nobel Laureate Joachim Frank carried the ceremonial mace for this year's Commencement. Photo by Eileen Barroso

The Columbia mace dates from the 18th century and is a little more than two feet long. Made of Sheffield plate, a layer of silver over copper, it contains a design of acanthus leaves, a symbol of everlasting life.
archival photo of Zbigniew Brzezinski sitting in front of a world map

Portrait of Zbigniew Brzezinski circa 1960. Photo Courtesy of Columbia University Archives

Zbigniew Brzezinski, who died last May at age 89, taught at the School of International and Public Affairs for nearly 30 years.
aged paper from early 1800's with the signature of Samuel Bard
Bard Hall is named for Samuel Bard (1742-1821), a founder of what is now Columbia’s Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons.
Stained glass window depicting two worlds and the Statue of Liberty on clouds in front of a rising sun.
What is the large stained-glass window in Pulitzer Hall, the School of Journalism building? It is a celebration of one of Joseph Pulitzer's crusades.
Andy Frants presents award to Elizabeth Davis

Elizabeth Davis received the Virginia Kneeland Frantz Award Distinguished Women in Medicine in 2006, presented by Dr. Frantz's son, Andrew.

Alumna Elizabeth Bishop Davis had a lifelong commitment to providing psychiatric services, gaining early experience at the LaFargue Clinic, a pioneer in providing mental health care in Harlem.
Herbert and Edith Lehman

Photo Courtesy of Columbia University Archives

Lehman did not graduate from any school at Columbia, but a library and scholarly center are named for him and the Rare Book library houses his archive.
Black and white photo of William Donovan in his service uniform sitting at a writing desk, writing a note.

William Donovan created and led the first centralized spy agency in the U.S. Columbia would play a pivotal role in his career. Image Courtesy of the CIA

William Donovan created and led the first centralized spy agency in the U.S. Columbia would play a pivotal role in his career.
Soldiers exercise on Columbia's Morningside Campus
One hundred springs ago, when the United States entered the Great War, Columbia University had already begun preparing. Columbia President Nicholas Murray Butler, a staunch anti-interventionist, was also deeply committed to national service.