Add these Columbia faculty books to the end of your summer.
Daniella Diniz

Photo by Maria Eduarda Vaz

Daniella Diniz (GSAS ’09, ’16) designs and implements programs and events intended to foster an exchange between Columbia and Brazil.

Thomas Trebat, an economist and political analyst, is director of the Columbia Global Centers, Rio de Janeiro.

Dr. Stephen S. Morse is a professor of epidemiology at Columbia University Medical Center and an expert in global and public health.

Kartik Chandran, associate professor of earth and environmental engineering, is an authority on environmentally sustainable wastewater treatment and sanitation.

Insight on Brazil
Events in Brazil occurring contemporaneously with the 2016 Rio Olympic Games are having an enormous impact globally. Here is a roster of Columbia faculty members identifiable by subject matter expertise to help provide context and the objective insight for understanding these issues.