Digital Humanities

The newest digital workspace on the Morningside campus, called Studio@Butler, isn’t much to look at. Designed to accommodate as many as 40 people, it is filled with movable tables and chairs that can be configured for groups of different sizes.

A modern Muybridge? Singer and composer, Mari Romarheim Haugen illustrates basic steps of the samba, while her movements are captured by an infrared camera.

When Mariusz Kozak was a professional violinist playing with orchestras and chamber ensembles, he noticed how music altered the awareness of time for himself, his fellow musicians and even the audience. Several years later, as he wrote his Ph.D.

WHO HE IS: Digital Scholarship Coordinator, Humanities and History Division, Columbia University Libraries. Affiliate Faculty, Department of English and Comparative Literature.


Dennis Tenen, an assistant professor of English and comparative literature at Columbia, has an unusual background for a humanities scholar.