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Eliminating leaks from energy-producing facilities would remove large amounts of the greenhouse gas methane from the air. Here, natural gas explodes from a pipe in Middletown, Conn., January 2010
(U.S. Chemical Safety Board)

Reducing Soot and Methane Would Bring Fast Results, Says Study

Street flooding that occurred during Hurricane Irene could become more common in the decades ahead.
Credit: Reuters

In the first statewide climate change outlook for New York, scientists say that the state may suffer disproportionate effects in coming decades compared with other regions, due

Early humans were using stone hand axes as far back as 1.8 million years ago. Credit: Pierre-Jean Texier, National Center of Scientific Research, France.

A new study suggests that Homo erectus, a precursor to modern humans, was using advanced tool-making methods in East Africa 1.8 million years ago, at least 300,000 years earlier than previously thought.

The long war leading to South Sudan's recent independence began during the powerful El Niño drought of 1983. In continuing hostilities, southern fighters display a grenade launcher captured from northern Sudanese, July 2011.
(Trevor Snapp/Global Post)

In the first study of its kind, researchers have linked a natural global climate cycle to periodic increases in warfare.

Crew members prepare the remotely operated vehicle Jason to dive to Axial Seamount. 
(Bill Chadwick, Oregon State University)

Researchers returning from a cruise some 250 miles off the coast of Oregon have reported seeing a volcanic eruption on the seafloor that they accurately forecast five years ago—