Columbia Great Grad 2016 Armando Torres-Garcia
Armando Tonatiuh Torres-Garcia got to the Journalism School after residents in his hometown of St. Helena, Calif., raised money for his tuition. An undocumented immigrant who came to the U.S. as a baby, he hopes to be an on-air reporter. “There are so many things happening worldwide that I want to get my hands on,” he says.
June Cross Directs Doc Wilhelmina's War Columbia University

A scene from the documentary Wilhemina's War directed by Journalism Professor June Cross in which Wilhemina Dixon stands at a South Carolina cotton field like the ones her parents sharecropped. Photo by John Baynard

June Cross makes documentaries that tell stories of families. A professor at the Journalism School, she is best known for the 1997 Emmy-winning film about her own family, The Secret Daughter.
Joseph Pulitzer Painted by John Singer Sargent

Joseph Pulitzer painted by John Singer Sargent; Courtesy Columbia University Archives

When newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer contacted Columbia with a notion about founding a journalism school in 1892, the trustees turned him down. Journalism was not quite respectable at the time, and Pulitzer owned the often-sensational New York World.
Pulitzer Prizes Awarded at Columbia University
The Pulitzer Prize Board is launching a series of events all across the United States to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the prizes. Grassroots Pulitzer-themed programs are scheduled throughout 2016. Larger marquee events will be held in four major U.S. cities:
Samuel Freedman Journalism AIDS Columbia University
Days after New York State approved marriage equality in 2011, Samuel G. Freedman, a School of Journalism professor and former reporter for The New York Times, mused to friends about how the world had...
The right to know is so ubiquitous today that it’s hard to imagine a time when citizens, consumers and patients had no access to information we now consider basic.
Pulitzer Prize
Online and Print Magazines Are Now Eligible to Enter International Reporting, Criticism and Editorial Cartooning

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Soon after announcing that he would step down as dean of Columbia Journalism School, Nicholas Lemann had a conversation with University President

On July 21, 1969, The New York Times devoted its entire front page to John Noble Wilford’s (a journalism school fellow in 1962) coverage of the moon landing.

As Leon Trotsky gave a speech in 1917 as commissar of foreign affairs for the new Bolshevik government, a Columbia journalist sat among the spectators. When American troops stormed Omaha Beach in 1944, a Columbia journalism graduate landed with them.

A student learns how to drag an injured colleague out of danger. Photo by Jika González.

At the front of the classroom, Columbia Journalism School Professor Judith Matloff clicked through a somber slideshow of 15 journalists killed, assaulted or seriousl