Marcos Troyjo Brazil Economy Columbia University
At the turn of the century, an economist coined the acronym BRIC to refer to the rising fortunes of the developing nations Brazil, Russia, India and China. At that time, Brazil’s nominal GDP expanded to qualify the Latin American country as one...
Maria Victoria Murillo SIPA Argentina Elections Columbia University

Argentinians went to the polls on October 25 to elect a new president, but neither candidate received enough votes to win outright.

Michael Doyle Columbia University International Affairs

Michael Doyle vividly recalls his first experience with international migration. One evening in 1956 his father, a diplomat then working at the American embassy in Paris, arrived home followed by a bus filled with Hungarians.

Peacebuilding Congo Severine Autesserre Columbia University Political Science

Séverine Autesserre seen here conducting field research on international peacebuilding in Congo. Photo by Philippe Rosen.

The 20-year conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo has killed an estimated 5.4 million people since the 1990s—making it the deadliest since World War II—and armed attacks by different groups occur every week.
Jason Bordoff. Photo by Eileen Barroso.

Jason Bordoff, a former member of the White House staff and a top energy policy expert, started learning about the industry at an early age.

Last November, after Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych postponed preparations to sign the Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement, a wave of antigovernment protests and civil unrest overtook Ukraine, resulting in the ouster of Yanukovych and a confrontation between Russia and Ukra

Robert Jervis, the Adlai E. Stevenson Professor of International Politics. “It’s the president who is seen as the main guardian of national security and foreign policy, the House and Senate are seen as one step removed.”

It’s still the economy, stupid.

With much of the nation still recovering from the 2008 financial meltdown, the U.S. economy will be one of the top issues in the midterm elections, says Sharyn O’Halloran.

Photo by Alan Orling

As a flood of cash from wealthy individuals finds its way into campaign coffers for this year’s elections, Law School Professor Richard Briffault is following the money.

Photo by Eileen Barroso

Race remains a touchstone of American politics, never far from the electoral fray, says Fredrick Harris, professor of political science and director of Columbia’s Center on African-American Politi