Carmel Raz in front of a beige and green organ with an ornate flowery design
Carmel Raz, a post-doctoral fellow in Columbia’s Society of Fellows in the Humanities, teaches a seminar to Columbia undergraduates on the relationship between music and certain disorders or conditions of the mind.

From left to right: Joanna Steinglass and Daphna Shohamy

Psychiatry professor Joanna Steinglass and Psychology professor Daphna Shohamy incorporated cognitive neuroscience in the study of anorexia nervosa. Brain scans reveal the mechanisms that guide restrictive eating.
Owen Lewis

Photo by Susan Ennis

Owen Lewis is nothing if not prolific. He wrote poetry and novels as a child and young man, and at age 23 created a multimedia poetry/music work called New Pictures at an Exhibition, which was reviewed by The New York Times in 1972.

In 1939, an Austrian rare book dealer put out a sale catalog that listed books on medicine, science and sexuality from the library of “a famous Viennese scientific explorer.”
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On his website, Carl Hart describes himself as a scientist, an activist and an educator, in that order. Now he can add award-winning book author for his widely praised memoir, "High Price."

As the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Americans have been increasingly recognized across society, a new program at Columbia University Medical Center has been established to improve the health and well-being of LGBT individuals.

Scientists have long studied populations that have endured trauma as diverse as the Holocaust, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Japan in order to understand how humans cope with devastating loss.

Drew Ramsey, coauthor of "The Happiness Diet," believes happiness is achieved when the brain is consistently fed the proper nutrients.

When a psychiatrist sets out to write a diet book, he doesn’t have a slimmer waistline in mind.

Carl Hart (left), says that flawed research may be preventing meth addicts from getting effective treatment for substance abuse. Photo: Eve Vagg.

A review of recent research on methamphetamine use suggests that claims the drug causes significant cognitive prob