Justice and Equity

Two Must-See Art Exhibitions on Campus

Everyday Algerian life and the 1919 death of a black teenager in Chicago are the focal points of shows at the Wallach Art Gallery and the Arthur Ross Architecture Gallery.


The Inflation Gap

A new study from the Center on Poverty and Social Policy implies that low-income families are getting squeezed not just by the rising costs of rent and health care—but by the costs of just about everything. 

The Atlantic
November 5, 2019

You Promised You Wouldn’t Kill Me

Kimberlé Crenshaw discusses how black women who are killed by law enforcement are often forgotten or ignored in the public sphere.

The New York Times
October 28, 2019

Charlottesville Lawsuit Puts Rising Intolerance on Trial

Eric Foner, Columbia University historian, describes how the 19th century Klu Klux Klan Act helped legally enforce the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments. 

The New York Times
October 28, 2019

News and Research

Woman with baseball cap speaking into a microphone-- looks like she is performing. A man in speaking in the background.
From the Inside Out: The Power of Language to Incarcerate

The Center for Justice recently held a conference about how language can be used to reinforce stereotypes and biases against people in the criminal justice system.

Text saying 38% of young children are living in families who face a material hardship.
Columbia University and Robin Hood Launch a New Collaboration With the Early Childhood Poverty Tracker

The Center on Poverty and Social Policy's Early Childhood Poverty Tracker will be a distinctive and valuable resource for policy leaders and child advocates in the city.


A woman and two men in conversation seated in front a Columbia School of Social Work banner
Courtney Cogburn and Desmond Patton on Social Work, Media & Technology

School of Social Work's Courtney Cogburn and Desmond Patton discuss why social workers need to be at the table when planning applications of new media & technology.

Two women in dark green shirts smiling and seated
ReEntry Acceleration Program

The Tamer Center's initiative ReEntry Acceleration Program helps formerly incarcerated individuals re-enter the workforce.