Justice and Equity

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Parole and Probation Reform in the COVID-19 Era

The Justice Lab’s Vincent Schiraldi talks to Columbia News about the center’s work that is featured in a new Human Rights Watch and ACLU report.


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University Life Forum: Black Lives Matter, Protest and Creating Change

This virtual Columbia University community gathering focused on addressing racial injustice in our society and the ways in which we can individually and collectively achieve transformative change. Jelani Cobb moderated the panel



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Center on Poverty & Social Policy 2020 Conference

This year's conference, Income Support in Crisis and Beyond, featured U.S. Representative Rosa DeLauro and New York Times reporter Lola Fadulu.


First Stimulus Check Prevented Around 12.5 Million Americans from Poverty, Study Finds

The Center on Poverty and Social Policy's research has shown the positive impact of the federal stimulus aid.

July 6, 2020

We should listen to Rayshard Brooks about probation

Justice Lab's Vincent Schiraldi writes about an interview with Rayshard Brooks before his death about the difficulties of re-starting a life under parole.

USA Today
June 23, 2020

The successful closing of youth prisons shows a path to police reform

Justice Lab's Vincent Schiraldi describes the public benefit to the shrinking population of youth prisons over the past decades.

The Washington Post
June 16, 2020

News and Research

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Poverty in the United States could reach highest levels in over 50 years

The Center on Poverty and Social Policy research shows that poverty rates could reach extremely high levels because of the coronavirus pandemic, impacting African-Americans and children hardest.



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Recommendation for youth prisons during COVID-19 crisis

Youth Correctional Leaders for Justice have issued a statement on how to safeguard the medically vulnerable populations in youth prisons.