Justice and Equity

Local Public High School Students Learn Philosophy and Find Their Voices

Columbia's Freedom and Citizenship program is now accepting applications from rising juniors.


Why Jails Are So Important in the Fight Against Coronavirus

Barun Mathema, an infectious disease epidemiologist at Columbia University, talks about how density in prisons could lead to coronavirus outbreaks.

The New York Times
March 31, 2020

Cuomo, don’t leave these kids hanging

Justice Lab's Vincent Schiraldi, writes that New York State's juvenile justice system is in need of serious reform.

The Daily News
March 18, 2020

She Coined the Term ‘Intersectionality’ Over 30 Years Ago. Here’s What It Means to Her Today

Columbia Law School's Kimberlé Crenshaw talks about the lasting relevance of her term "intersectionality" and why all inequality is not created equal.

February 20, 2020

News and Research

Text says "Mapping Hunger in New York City" over a map of NYC
Mapping Hunger in New York City: A Look at the Rate of Food Hardship in New York City Neighborhoods

A new report from the Center on Poverty and Social Policy shows that more than half of New Yorkers experienced food hardship at least once over four years.

Man leaping in the air to dance
Dance pioneer Arthur Mitchell; courtesy Columbia University Rare Book & Manuscript Library
Arts as Central to African American and African Diaspora Studies

A recent grant from the Mellon Foundation to the African American and African Diaspora Studies department will support new arts-based programming.


Close-up of fence and a basketball court at sunset
The Outside: Episode 1

This is a the first in a series of videos from the Tamer Center's ReEntry Acceleration Program featuring formerly incarcerated individuals and how they are adjusting to life outside prison.

Man with striped shirt and glasses walking down a hallway
EXiT: Executives Transforming Probation & Parole

Executives Transforming Probation and Parole (EXiT) unites current and former community supervision executives to build a national movement to transform probation and parole. EXiT is supported by the Columbia University Justice Lab.