Politics and Social Justice

Polls, Politics, and the 2021 Virginia and New Jersey Elections

The pendulum versus policy explanation, and how they differ in their implications.

Asian American discrimination
The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Intensified Discrimination Against East Asians, South Asians, and Hispanics in the U.S., Says New Study

Looking beyond the recent violent acts against Asian Americans, the researchers examined less apparent forms of prejudice against minority groups over the last two years.

Facebook, Knight First Amendment Institute
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Facebook?

Ramya Krishnan and Alex Adbo from the Knight First Amendment Institute say to start with Congress enabling more research and journalism focused on social media platforms.







Democrats Shouldn’t Panic. They Should Go Into Shock.

Robert Y. Shapiro from the department of political science comments on how the Biden administration is being weighted down with bad news from many corners.

The New York Times
November 17, 2021

Will Biden’s Big Spending Bills Equal More Inflation? It’s Complicated

Columbia Business School's Joseph Stiglitz remarks on how much of an impact the pandemic has had on our economy and how hard it is to predict what will happen from here.

The Boston Globe
November 14, 2021

How Did So Much of the Media Get the Steele Dossier So Wrong?

Columbia Journalism School's Bill Grueskin critiques the reporting on the Steele Dossier and comments on how the media might try to rectify the situation.

The New York Times
November 15, 2021

Why the Billionaires’ Tax Matters to You, Too

Columbia Law School's Michael Graetz remarks on how the potential billionaires' tax could have a dramatic impact on our overall tax rules.

Wall Street Journal
November 5, 2021


RBG exhibit at the New York Historical Society
‘Notorious RBG’ Exhibition Opens at New-York Historical Society

To kick off the blockbuster show celebrating the life and legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (LAW'59), Columbia Law School Dean Gillian Lester moderated a panel discussion featuring Weil partners Ira Millstein (LAW’49) and Zack Tripp (LAW'05).



Professor Keren Yarhi-Milo, College and SIPA alumna Mila Tuttle, Dean Merit E. Janow, and Senior Research Scholar Peter Clement were on hand for the launch of the Saltzman Institute's new Emerging Voices program.
Emerging Voices Program Seeks to Add Diversity in National Security Professions

The Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies has inaugurated a new pilot program that will expand curricula at SIPA and Columbia and encourage female, BIPOC, and first-generation students to consider and pursue professional opportunities in national security and related fields.

New Research Project Focuses on Lies and the Law
A New Research Project Focuses on Lies and the Law

The Knight First Amendment Institute looks at how the law does (or should) shape the regulation of lies, disinformation, and misinformation in the digital age.



Social Justice

​​Kimberlé Crenshaw, Kendall Thomas, and Patricia Williams
What Is Critical Race Theory, and Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

Columbia Law School professors explain this method of research for legal scholars and how it’s being misunderstood.



Olatunde Johnson, on Defending the Planet, Columbia Law School
Defending the Planet: Environmental Justice

In the sixth and final episode of Columbia Law School’s limited-series podcast, Professor Olatunde Johnson and environmental and community lawyer Ruth Santiago ’83 J.D., ’10 LL.M. discuss the nexus of civil rights and climate change.

Racial attention deficit study, Columbia University
White Americans Pay Less Attention to Black Peers, Says a New Study

The researchers also found the bias could be reversed if study participants were given the chance to observe the competency of their peers firsthand.





Polls, Politics, and the 2021 Virginia and New Jersey Elections

The pendulum versus policy explanation, and how they differ in their implications.