Politics and Social Justice

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Suzanne Goldberg, EVP for University Life, to Join the Biden-Harris Administration

Goldberg will take a temporary leave of absence from Columbia Law School to join the new administration.

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Columbia Trustee Named Chief of Staff to Jill Biden

Julissa Reynoso Pantaleón, who is also Columbia Law School graduate, has traveled the path from humble beginnings in the Dominican Republic to the upper echelons of diplomatic service.

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President Bollinger Condemns the Assault on Our Nation's Capitol

President Bollinger comments on the riot at the Capitol.


Biden opens a new era of American energy

Columbia Law School's Michael Gerrard notes that automakers are already preparing for the Biden administration's new energy rules

The Financial Times
January 21, 2021

The media can be glad for the Biden White House’s return to normalcy. But let’s not be lulled.

Columbia Journalism School's William Grueskin discusses how the Biden administration is a welcome change for the press.

The Washington Post
January 21, 2021

Learning from the Failure of Reconstruction

In an interview in The New Yorker, Professor Eric Foner compared the violence during the Reconstruction period to what we are witnessing today in the United States.

The New Yorker
January 13, 2020

The Cybersecurity 202: U.S. government ability to protect itself from Russian hackers has gotten worse, experts say

SIPA's Jason Healey notes that our cybersecurity situation should improve with a new team of experts in the Biden administration.

The Washington Post
January 8, 2021


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How Will the Facebook Antitrust Suit Impact Free Speech?

Katy Glenn Bass from Columbia's Knight First Amendment Institute discusses the Facebook antitrust case, its impact on freedom of speech, and what questions are still unanswered. 

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Beyond “Unprecedented”: Pandemic Pressures on Global Trade

In the final episode of Columbia Law’s podcast series, hosted by Professor Eric Talley, Professors Anu Bradford and Petros Mavroidis discuss the effects of the pandemic on global trade, among other topics.


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World Leaders Forum: Prime Minister Erna Solberg of the Kingdom of Norway

Watch a conversation with Prime Minister Erna Solberg Kingdom of Norway and Wilmot Godfrey, the James Senior Research Scholar at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Social Justice

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Toward a More Just and Inclusive Society

SIPA faculty scholars and practitioners are working across disciplines to tackle the most complicated social issues of our day.

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President-elect Biden’s economic relief proposal has the potential to cut child poverty in half

The Center on Poverty and Social Policy's research predicts that the Biden administration relief bill could reduce child poverty significantly.



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Parole and Probation Reform in the COVID-19 Era

The Justice Lab’s Vincent Schiraldi talked to Columbia News about the center’s work that is featured in a new Human Rights Watch and ACLU report.