Politics and Social Justice

Vincent Schiraldi, co-director of the Justice Lab
Justice Lab Co-Director, Vincent Schiraldi, to Head the Department of Corrections

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that he is appointing Columbia Justice Lab's Vincent Schiraldi Commissioner of the city's Department of Correction.

COVID vaccine hesitancy project from Columbia World Projects
What Can We Do to Reduce Vaccine Hesitancy?

Two researchers from Columbia are using AI and their backgrounds in comparative literature to understand why people are often afraid and distrustful of vaccinations and how to convince them otherwise.

Jamal Greene and a cover of his book
Jamal Greene Shows How Rights Go Wrong

In his new book, the constitutional law scholar argues that competing rights should be balanced through political compromise.





A First Amendment Case That Made an ‘Incoherent State of the Law’

President Bollinger and Geoffrey Stone's book, National Security, Leaks and Freedom of the Press, is featured in this Adam Liptak article on The Pentagon Papers.

The New York Times
June 9, 2021

How to Keep the Economy Booming — And Meet the Demand for Workers

Columbia Business School's Glenn Hubbard examines the economic  theories of Keynes and Hayek to understand the tension in today's job market.

The New York Times
June 8, 2021

How The Politics Of Cities Shape The Democratic Party

SIPA's Professor Ester Fuchs talks about the shifting power dynamics of cities.

FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
June 4, 2021

What's the right age for juvenile criminals to be considered adults? Advocates and some states push it past 20.

Justice Lab's Lael Chester argues that no state should prosecute anyone under 18 as an adult.

USA Today
May 26, 2021

Social Justice

An illustration of three people in silhouette in a city scape. There are lots of shadows.
Toward a More Just and Inclusive Society

SIPA faculty scholars and practitioners are working across disciplines to tackle the most complicated social issues of our day.

George Floyd protest in Brooklyn
Reactions to the Chauvin Trial Guilty Verdict

Columbia faculty and students weigh in on what the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial means for future police prosecutions and racial justice in the United States.



Two men and a police officer
Explainer: How ‘Technical Violations’ Drive Incarceration

Justice Lab's Vincent Schiraldi writes about how technical violations during probation and parole can have lasting consequences.

Barbed wire at sunset
Innovate Criminal Justice Reform

Substantial change is long overdue in the United States, but the new administration can take these three steps to remedy past injustices.




Women having their temperatures taken in Mumbai
COVID-19 and the Economic Agenda

What advanced countries can and should do to help the developing world and emerging markets recover from the pandemic and its economic aftermath.


Knight Institute blog
A Promising First Step Towards Curtailing Social Media Surveillance

Xiangnong (George) Wang, a Knight First Amendment Institute fellow, writes on how the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs rejected a proposed expansion of dangerous screening and vetting policy.

Five students from Columbia's SIPA working on global public policy
SIPA Students Present Policy Proposals

The 2021 Global Public Policy Network conference and competition among students at peer schools worldwide addressed “The Crisis of Globalization as We Know It.”

Six women in the energy sector
6 Women in Energy Leaders Outline How to Make the Field More Equitable

Members of Columbia University's Center on Global Energy Policy's Women in Energy program speak about their hopes for a more equitable future.