Politics and Social Justice

Jelani Cobb Appointed Dean of Columbia Journalism School

President Lee C. Bollinger announces the next dean of Columbia Journalism School.

Madeline Albright at Columbia University
SIPA Remembers Madeline Albright

Faculty members recall Madeline Albright's significant contributions to the world.



A Urkainian solider with his helmet on in training
Columbia Faculty Weigh In on the Crisis in Ukraine

Learn what faculty members think about the unstable and alarming situation of Russia's military incursion in Ukraine.







Fix Childcare Like NYC’s Recovery Depends On It

Ester Fuchs, professor of political science, writes about how the lack of accessible childcare is preventing some of our poorest New Yorkers from getting jobs.

The Daily News
April 22, 2022

Chaos at Rikers Could Lead to Federal Court Control, U.S. Attorney Says

Justice Lab's Vincent Schiraldi weighs in on the latest news that the Manhattan U.S. Attorney's office might seize control of Rikers Island.

The New York Times
April 19, 2022

Russia Has Yet to Slow a Western Arms Express Into Ukraine

Stephen Biddle, professor at SIPA, weighs in on the challenges Russia has trying to stop Western weapons from entering Ukraine.

Associate Press
April 13, 2022

History Is Made as Ketanji Brown Jackson Is Confirmed

Olatunde Johnson, a constitutional law professor at Columbia Law School, discusses the historic confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, the first black woman to sit on the court.

Bloomberg Law Podcast
April 7, 2022


Celebrating climate change expertise at SIPA, Columbia University
Celebrating a Rich History of Climate Change Expertise

A look at SIPA’s past, and future, at the intersection of policy and the environment.



Putin speaking at a conference
Can Russia Win the War of Public Opinion Over Its Aggression in Ukraine?

For years, Putin has been trying to convince the world that Russia is justified in invading Ukraine. Can he succeed?

Professor Keren Yarhi-Milo, College and SIPA alumna Mila Tuttle, Dean Merit E. Janow, and Senior Research Scholar Peter Clement were on hand for the launch of the Saltzman Institute's new Emerging Voices program.
Emerging Voices Program Seeks to Add Diversity in National Security Professions

The Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies has inaugurated a new pilot program that will expand curricula at SIPA and Columbia and encourage female, BIPOC, and first-generation students to consider and pursue professional opportunities in national security and related fields.

Florida social media law, Knight First Amendment Institute
Knight Institute Asks Federal Court To Strike Down Florida’s Social Media Law

The Knight First Amendment Institute urges the court to reject arguments that would prevent government from regulating to protect free speech online.



Social Justice

A globe with many pictures on it against a black background
School of Social Work Hosts Three Displaced Scholars

Scholarship recipients will use their social work training to improve mental health or social and political conditions in their home countries.




Columbia World Projects launch event for Confronting COVID Loss in Harlem
Columbia World Projects Holds Event For COVID-19 Harlem Loss Project

This project aims to reduce COVID-19 related grief in Harlem’s Black community by partnering Columbia researchers with local faith leaders and other community leaders to address intense and pervasive grief that has emerged as a result of the pandemic.

Racial attention deficit study, Columbia University
White Americans Pay Less Attention to Black Peers, Says a New Study

The researchers also found the bias could be reversed if study participants were given the chance to observe the competency of their peers firsthand.