The previously unmapped reservoirs, reported in the journal Science, could speed the flow of glaciers to the sea and release carbon into t

A new metric devised by Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health shows that health is more important than age for determining dependency ratios a

Climatologist and agronomist Cynthia Rosenzweig has been named the 2022 World Food Prize Laureate for her pioneering work in modeling the impact of

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 As dean, he will promote efforts that grow the university's capacities for innovative research and continue to elevate the educational experience

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Researchers at Columbia Engineering have built a human tissue-chip system that physically and genetically links heart, liver, bone, and skin tissue

When motivated to seek specific information, say, about a newly arrived infectious virus, people tend to also become receptive to a much wider rang

Professors Zhezhen Jin, Bodhi Sen, and Tian Zheng are recognized for their contributions to statistics, and related applications in computing and m

With global warming no longer just a threat but a full-blown crisis, Columbia experts are on the frontlines, documenting the dangers and developing

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