Bentley Shuster is a postdoc in the lab of biomedical engineering professor Tal Danino, and Columbia News spoke to her about life in the lab, tips

In a new study, researchers at Columbia University Irving Medical Center and Hong Kong University find that the omicron variant of Covid-19 is resi

One of five teams selected by NASA, the Columbia group will send bacteria to the International Space Station to understand how low gravity affects

It was long accepted that the Vikings were the first people to settle the Faroe Islands, around 850 A.D.

A study of an investigational gene therapy for sickle cell disease has found that a single dose restored blood cells to their normal shape and elim

A laboratory experiment found that as CO2 solidified, it caused the rock around it to crack.

New insights into the genetic architecture of schizophrenia could pave the way for predicting who is at risk of developing the disease and coming u

A ban on heating oil #6 has been effective in reducing air pollution, says a new study that’s the first to provide a framework for evaluating the i

Hearing aids are getting better, and Americans will soon be able to buy them without a prescription.

A study in mice by Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute sheds light on how the brain remembers key information which might one day help treat disorders i

Researchers at Columbia Engineering have found a way, using 2D materials, to build superconducting qubits that are a fraction of the size of previo

A new technique developed at Columbia Engineering combines quantum mechanics and machine learning to efficiently simulate temperature-dependent pro