Researchers at Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute find unexpected connections among brain cells that record memories of places in mice, offering new cl

What will it take to defeat AIDS in the United States by 2030? Drs.

The rate of cervical cancer among women in low-income, mostly minority neighborhoods in New York City is nearly two times higher than the rate amon

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Aerosol scientist Faye McNeill explains air purifier basics, why masks really do work, and how chemistry experiments and computer simulations in th

Her background as an archivist enables her to see the full scope of the stewardship of rare collections.

In search of the mysterious transition between metallic and insulating states of matter, Columbia researchers find signatures of quantum criticalit

One of 20 early-career researchers selected for the fellowship, Asenjo-Garcia is exploring how light and matter interact at the quantum level.

Executive Vice President Jeannette Wing writes to New York members of Congress expressing the university's support of the Build Back Better bill, w

In a new study of Covid-19 survivors, Columbia University Irving Medical Center researchers show that the memory of the infection is primarily stor

A new study led by Columbia's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory sees a daunting outlook for year-round ice and its ecosystems.

Looking beyond the recent violent acts against Asian Americans, the researchers examined less apparent forms of prejudice against minority groups o