Illustration of a Nasca vessel

Illustration of a Nasca vessel by Jiayan Lu (MA Anthropology). Photo by Zoë Crossland

Human remains are at the heart of Zoë Crossland’s work. In one of the most popular classes that she teaches, Corpse Life, students learn about the history of death and the treatment of remains.
gray and black drawing of Kathryn Bache Miller's profile

Kathryn Bache Miller

Miller Theatre is named for Kathryn Bache Miller, a New York City philanthropist who give millions to local charities in New York City before she died in 1979.
Linda Amrou in a red dress sitting in front of a bright window

Photo by John Pinderhughes

Linda Amrou works to strengthen the ties between the University’s nine Global Centers and Columbia students, faculty and alumni. She helps people access the centers' resources like public programs, research opportunities and support for work examining pressing issues.
Stepanie McCurry leaning on a stone wall in Columbia's Morningside campus

Photo by John Pinderhughes

Stephanie McCurry grew up in Belfast, surrounded by political violence. Her neighborhood was at the center of British occupation during “The Troubles,” the euphemism for sectarian strife between Northern Irish Catholics and Protestants that killed thousands in the 1970s and 80s. She recalls British troop carriers rolling through the streets on a daily basis.

Ravi Tomer
Raju Tomer has won a NIH Director’s New Innovator Award, for his pioneering work in developing new technologies for high-resolution mapping of brain structure and function.
an artistic rendering of a planet and a moon
New exomoon candidate has been observed around a star some 8,000 light-years away from Earth and is believed to be around the size of Neptune.
a eastern perspective of the Manhattanville campus at dusk
Completing the first group of Renzo Piano-designed buildings, The Forum provides a gateway to an urban campus designed for both academic and civic engagement.

Over the last 30 years, Miller Theatre has been a leading cultural venue in New York City. Executive director Melissa Smey says this milestone season is full of exciting, adventurous programming.

Join the celebration. Learn more about the upcoming programming.


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