Two men wearing helmets riding bicycles at night
Mr. New York, Easy Rider and Historian - Kenneth T. Jackson

For a half century, Kenneth T. Jackson has been a beloved teacher, public historian and author renowned for his encyclopedic knowledge of New York City and lifelong scholarship on American urban history and suburbanization. 

A cartoon drawn man holding a megaphone in front of the old Penn Station
Do You Know New York City Better Than Columbia's Expert?

You may know your New York City history, but few can beat Prof. Jackson. For his course on “The History of the City of New York,” Jackson takes his students out on the Big Apple midnight bike tour. Take the quiz and see if you’d pass.

News and Events

Chinese flag flying in the sea near an oil rig
High Anxiety: The Trade War and China’s Oil and Gas Supply Security

Erica Downs, a Senior Research Scholar at the Center on Global Energy Policy, examines how the US-China trade war is affecting what China is saying and doing about oil and natural gas supply security, including Beijing's heightened concern for inputs critical to the functioning of China’s economy. 

A man in suit speaking at a podium
Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on NATO's Place in the Future

Stoltenberg believes NATO is the best way to protect open, democratic societies despite the pressures NATO faces from the shifting global power balance and new warfare technology. These threats, he says, necessitate the NATO alliance to be ever-ready and agile.


    A blond woman speaking in front of a black board
    Anu Bradford Co-Leads Groundbreaking Study of Global Competition Laws and Policy

    Law Professor Anu Bradford and University of Chicago Law School Professor Adam Chilton have released the world’s most comprehensive collection of competition laws and enforcement practices to date to help assess the economic impact of these laws across borders. 

    An elderly man smiling
    Nov. 14-15: An Urban World: the Changing Landscape of Suburbs & Cities

    Kenneth T. Jackson, an urban historian and a preeminent authority on New York City, will be honored at a conference that explores the urbanization in the U.S. and around the world and how race, gender, ethnicity and sustainability have affected the changes in where we live.


    Capital Hill at night
    Ukraine & The Impeachment Inquiry

    Timothy Frye, Marshall D. Shulman Professor of Post-Soviet Foreign Policy

    Kimberly Marten, Professor and Department Chair of Political Science, Barnard College

    Gregory Wawro, Professor of Department Chair of Political Science, Columbia University

    Robert Shapiro, Wallace S. Sayre Professor of Government and Professor of International and Public Affairs


    A Kurdish child standing as army trucks rolling in
    Trump's 'Blind Eye'

    As Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's returns to D.C., David L. Phillips, Director of Peace-Building and Human Rights Program, opines on President Donald Trump, Turkey, Syria and the reshuffling of geopolitical power in the Middle East.

    "Trump’s acquiescence to Erdogan is disgraceful. Erdogan is a war-monger and despot. He should be in handcuffs, not the White House."

    Newsday, November 12, 2019

    Underreported with Nicholas Lemann is a series produced by Columbia Global Reports.

    In the News

    Wait, How Do You Pronounce Kiev?

    The pronunciations heard during the impeachment inquiry left some bewildered and others baffled. Get them right from our experts Irina Reyfman, the chair of the Slavic languages department, and Yuri Shevchuk, lecturer of Ukrainian language.  

    The New York Times, Nov. 13, 2019

    Moscow allowed peaceful protests this summer. Here’s the surprising result

    Timothy Frye also published an op-ed where he presented findings from a survey conducted during peaceful protests in Moscow this past summer. Paradoxically, the results suggested that protesters were more trusting of the government when allowed to protest.

    Washington Post, Oct. 4, 2019



    This powerful group groomed Mike Pence for the White House. Impeachment could complicate their plans

    Investigative journalist Anne Nelson says "Mike Pence’s career now hangs in the balance, and much will depend on how closely he’s tied to Trump’s actions — even if Trump is only impeached and not convicted.", Oct. 25, 2019

    América Latina, ante el desafío de dar respuestas a ciudadanía, según foro

    Para María Victoria Murillo, directora del Instituto de Estudios Latinoamericanos (ILAS) de Columbia University, ahora hay 'competencias electorales muchísimo más competitivas' y 'un descontento más creciente del electorado con las opciones políticas.'

    Diario Libre, Sept. 27, 2019