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New Hampshire Is an 82% Match with U.S. Demographics & Predicts 60% of Democratic Nominees

Political Scientist Robert Y. Shapiro says that the effect of NH and Iowa has nothing to do with their representativeness but the capability they demonstrate in persuading voters in these states and how voters see the candidates in action beyond what they learn about the candidates from the debates and other news coverage of them. 


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Feb. 13: The Use of Sanctions to Protect Journalists

Sarah Cleveland, Columbia Law School professor and co-director of Human Rights Institute and international human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, who launched TrialWatch in 2019, will join a panel of legal experts at Chatham House, London to discuss the use of targeted sanctions to protect journalists and a free press. This event will be livestreamed at 12:30 p.m. (GMT)

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New Research Initiative on Global History of Sexualities

The Columbia Research Initiative on the Global History of Sexualities fosters collaborative transnational research on the global history of sexualities. At Columbia, the research guide identifies and describes 150 archival collections, oral histories, and databases. Globally, the Initiative is organizing the first international working group in cooperation with experts in the United Kingdom and Singapore. 

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Dr. W. Ian Lipkin is Honored for His Work in China

Epidemiologist W. Ian Lipkin, director of the Center for Infection and Immunity of Mailman School of Public Health, is honored on January 3 at the Chinese Consulate in New York for his work in China that began with SARS 17 years ago. Facing the global coronavirus epidemic, he is trying to find ways to develop diagnostic tests that can be used to figure out how to treat patients and make decisions about drugs and anti-bodies to reduce fatality. 

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Super-NOS Russian Literary Festival, Feb. 4-5 and 20

This February, the Harriman Institute will partner with the Barnard and Columbia Slavic departments and the Mikhail Prokhorov Charitable Foundation to bring Russia's NOS Literature Prize to New York. Created in 2009, the prize recognizes innovation in Russian-language literature.

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    Kimberlé Crenshaw Is Honored at KU Leuven Belgium

    Law Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw is honored at KU Leuven Belgium for her "distinguished academic, social or cultural contributions." She developed the notion ‘intersectionality,’ which describes discrimination as a result of more than one vulnerability, such as a combination of race and gender.

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    The Legacy of 1619: Columbia Law Explores the Impact of Slavery on the American Legal System

    Columbia Law School held the 1619 programs as part of the Lawyers, Community, and Impact series that explored and focused on the enduring effects of slavery in the United States since the first ship carrying enslaved Africans arrived in North America 400 years ago.

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    Feb. 21: George W. Ball Lecture with Toomas Ilves; Global Digital Futures Policy Forum

    Toomas Ilves, former president of Estonia who currently co-chairs the World Economic Forum working group on blockchain technology, and SIPA Dean Merit Janow will discuss democracy, policy and digital governance. The event will be followed by the Niejelow Rodin Global Digital Futures Policy Forum

    In the News

    A new way forward for Brazil’s economy

    Thomas J. Trebat, director of the Columbia Global Centers in Rio de Janeiro, says Brazil’s current Congress has an opportunity to set the country back on track though reform will not come easy in his op-ed discussing Brazil amid Latin America's growth challenge.

    Americas Quarterly, Feb. 4, 2020


    The Trump Administration Is 'Silencing Science,' Environmental Law Expert Says

    Law Professor Michael Gerrard talks about the mission of the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law, which includes tracking the erosion of climate science under Trump using their “Silencing Science Tracker.

    WBUR, Feb. 3, 2020


    "La Société d’exposition," de Bernard E. Harcourt : nus sur le Net ? Oooh ouiii !

    Dans son nouvel essai, le philosophe américain Bernard Harcourt avec @Columbia Law School s’inspire de Foucault pour penser la servitude volontaire à la surveillance numérique et les moyens de la subvertir. (In French)

    Le Monde, Jan. 31, 2020

    Will the Coronavirus Cause a Major Growth Slowdown in China?

    Economist Shang-jin Wei says it is too early to panic from an economic perspective citing three important factors that may limit the virus’s impact on Chinese and global GDP.

    Project Syndicate, Jan. 27, 2020