University Awards First-Ever Global Freedom of Expression Prizes

Global Freedom of Expression and Information Columbia University Awards

Columbia University hosted its first annual Global Freedom of Expression and Information conference and awards ceremony to encourage free speech and free press around the world. The first prizes were awarded to courts in Turkey and Zimbabwe as well as a U.K.-based legal services organization.


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The Tunisian Presidential Election: Five Questions with Professor Alfred Stepan

Flag of Tunisian

Alfred Stepan has been called the democracy whisperer. As the Wallace Sayre Professor of Government he’s been watching, advising and studying government and democracy for over 40 years. He has done field research and written about more than 15 attempts at democratic transition.


Mapping the World’s Cultural Treasures

When Zainab Bahrani traveled to Iraq 10 years ago, she realized that it was crucial to document the extensive damage to the country’s cultural treasures caused by years of war. “We needed a system to record what was left standing of the region’s built heritage because Iraq had been cut off from the rest of the world for so long,” she said.