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The Knight First Amendment Institute and El Faro Journalists Sue NSO Group Over Spyware

The lawsuit says that the use of malicious software to surveil and intimidate journalists threatens press freedom around the world.

Lee C. Bollinger, President of Columbia University at the Obama Democracy Forum
Columbians Take Part in the Obama Foundation Democracy Forum

President Bollinger, Jelani Cobb, Natalia Herbst, and Zeynep Tufekci joined in the global event.

Illustration of "restoring trust," SIPA, Columbia University
Restoring Trust: Tackling the Challenges of Misinformation

SIPA's faculty and students explore ways to grapple with misinformation.

Huma Adedin, longtime aide and adviser to Hillary Clinton
Huma Abedin Discusses Her Life and Career

SIPA welcomed Huma Abedin, the longtime aide and adviser to Hillary Clinton, for a discussion of her 2021 memoir, "Both/And: A Life in Many Worlds."


Here's a First: Journalists and a U.S. Citizen Are Suing NSO Group

“We do view the use of spyware against members of the press in particular as one of the biggest threats to democracy and independent press freedom today,” said Knight First Amendment Institute's Carrie DeCell.

The Washington Post
December 1, 2022

Why I Quit Elon Musk’s Twitter

Jelani Cobb, dean of the Columbia Journalism School, wrote about how he thinks Elon Musk is using Twitter as his own personal trolling platform.

The New Yorker
November 27, 2022

Trump PAC, Republican Party Paid Law Firms In Trump Organization Criminal Trial

Columbia Law School's Richard Briffault noted that these payments to law firms related to the Trump Organization criminal trial appear to be questionable.

CBS News
November 18, 2022

In the Global Meme Wars, It’s Time To Side With the Elves Against the Trolls

SIPA's and the Harriman Institute's Thomas Kent wrote that we might want to support volunteer activists from the Baltic region in the online battle against Russia.

The Washington Post
November 16, 2022