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What You Need to Know about the June 25 New York Primaries

Here’s what you need to know about the June 25 New York state and congressional primaries.

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Professor Andrea Prat investigates how well Americans can detect false information compared to their ability to recognize true facts, revealing tha

The 5 grants are for journalists and newsrooms reporting on inequalities and misconduct in the American criminal justice system. 

Hear the winner of the 2024 Botwinick Prize in Business Ethics describe his values-based approach to leadership.

EVs shouldn’t be a luxury item, but Biden’s tariffs mean they may remain so.

The Obama Presidency Oral History releases 26 new interviews and 400 new stories related to healthcare reform on an innovative new website.

In this book excerpt fromLaughter in the Dark, Yasmine El Rashidi invites readers to explore acountry that is being tr

Business School research reveals that economic hardships experienced in formative years can impact attitudes toward immigration and government redi

The Initiative will be centered around four main pillars: women's economic opportunity, women's health, women's safety and security, and women's le

The School of International and Public Affairs, the Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life, and Columbia Religious Life co-hosted a discussion with t

Columbia Business School recently hosted a discussion with students, staff, and faculty to better understand and address rising polarization as par

A new book traces how the Tea Party laid the groundwork for the rise of Trump.

The Columbia Law professor will become one of 15 members of the UN's main judicial body, which adjudicates cases between nations.