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Artist Sarah Sze on Working With Neuroscientists

The School of the Arts professor spent a year collaborating with scientists at the Zuckerman Institute.


A queen of spades playing card showing an image of a queen.
Karata Playing Card, Kenya: Colour Print Ltd, circa 1970-1985
Mirror of Humanity: Seeing Ourselves in Playing Cards

An exhibition at the Rare Book & Manuscript Library that focuses on playing cards made in Europe and the United States from the 16th to the 21st centuries. Now through January 31, 2020.

An abstract patter of blues, reds and oranges set against a black background.
Mourad Krinah, The Sunday Waltz 3 – Tribute to Paolo Uccello, 2019, Wallpaper installation, Courtesy of the artist.
Waiting for Omar Gatlato: Contemporary Art from Algeria and its Diaspora

Everyday Algerian life is seen through film, paintings, photography and sculpture in this Wallach Art Gallery exhibition. Now through March 15, 2020.

Woman in ballgowns are walking a runway at a fashion show surrounded by a large audience, all of this taking place in an ornate room with glass chandeliers.
A 1950s Giovanni Battista Giorgini fashion show at the Sala Bianca in the Palazzo Pitti in Florence, Italy.
Full of Enthusiasm: American Buyers and Italian Fashion in the 1950s

Entrepreneur Giovanni Battista Giorgini launched Italian fashion in the American market with runway shows at his Florentine villa in the 1950s. An exhibition of vintage photos at the Italian Academy traces this story. Now through January 31, 2020.


Conversations With Architects

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a book cover with a drawing of a yellow car, people and upside down trees
A Terrible Country

By Keith Gessen

 a book cover with a yellow and blue drawing of big letters and swimmers

By Sam Lipsyte


a book cover with a drawing of a rabbit
Rabbits for Food

By Binnie Kirshenbaum