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From Italy to the U.S., in Pictures and Words

In her new graphic memoir, “The Inheritance,” Professor Elizabeth Povinelli traces her life lines against a larger context.

Bookshelves filled with books.
The Core Curriculum’s Second Century

The hallmark of a Columbia College education, the Core entered its 101st year against a backdrop of crises. Here's how it will evolve. 

A couple dressed in elegant clothes smile for the camera before a backdrop for the Tony Awards.
Stephen Byrd and Alia Jones-Harvey
Front Row Productions Establishes Fellowship at Columbia

Producers Stephen Byrd and Alia Jones-Harvey launch the Front Row Productions Fellowship with Columbia School of the Arts' Theatre Program. 


An image of an artwork with a girl's face, flowers, and letters.
"Tinkerbell," 2014, by Aliza Nisenbaum; oil on canvas; courtesy of Martin and Rebecca Eisenberg.
School of the Arts Professor Aliza Nisenbaum Participates in a Show at Gracie Mansion

"Catalyst: Art and Social Justice," consisting of works by New York artists and activists since 1960, celebrates the power of art to spark change and spur progress.



Italian Academy's Amatrice Earthquake exhibit.
Amatrice in Focus

An online exhibition at the Italian Academy about earthquakes and photography looks at recording the past, and planning for the future.


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