Off the Shelf

Off the Shelf is a Columbia News series in which professors discuss their recently published books, as well as what they have read recently and recommend, and who they would invite to the perfect dinner party.

In Smoother Pebbles, Jonathan Cole traces the development of the sociology of science.

Co-writer Ann Cooper’s Newshawks in Berlin describes the perils of reporting from war zones.

In his new book, Dennis Yi Tenen presents AI as a matter of collaborative labor history.

In Julia Bryan-Wilson’s book, the sculptor’s work is put in dialogue with marginalized makers and artists.

In Splinters, her first memoir, Leslie Jamison explores her divorce and the birth of her daughter.

Anne Nelson’s Red Orchestra warns about the fragility of all democracies, and how citizens need to be vigilant.

A new book traces how the Tea Party laid the groundwork for the rise of Trump.

A book gathers experts and scholars to investigate how this decline is playing out during the climate crisis.

By replicating successful strategies found in nature, as Dickson Despommier outlines in his new book.

When he was a child, Shane McCrae’s grandparents abducted him, as he recounts in his memoir.

Samson Occom was the first Native person to be ordained a minister in the New England colonies.

Leveling the Learning Curve shows how digital tools can share knowledge more widely by reaching new audiences.