In the Lab

In the Lab is a Columbia News series devoted to the interesting work—scientific, humanities-based, or interdisciplinary—of faculty and students.

Emanuil Yanev talks about his PhD work modifying 2D materials to push their light-producing limits.

Courtney Jimenez, a psychology PhD student, is building experiments that explore how social our time spent alone is.

Carla Hoge has been investigating the strange behavior of the protein PRDM9 since joining Columbia six years ago.

Matthew Connelly, who runs Columbia’s History Lab, researches the answer to that and other questions about U.S. government records.

Galia Solomonoff and her Housing Lab team researched everything from Governor Hochul’s housing compact to reimagining the shelter system.

Meghan Meyer, who joined Columbia this year, is studying the brain mechanisms that allow us to understand our social world.

A PhD candidate who worked for OpenAI and Apple discusses natural language processing, AI hallucinations, and deep fakes.

Yes, says GSAPP Professor Lola Ben-Alon, who is paving the way with ongoing work in the Natural Materials Lab.

Carr's current work explores how galaxies' atmosphere keeps them from forming too many stars.

Postdoc Oliver Philcox may have found a “smoking gun” for new frontiers in physics.

If you want to know, Alexandra Horowitz, who runs Barnard’s Dog Cognition Lab, may be able to tell you.

Indira Turney, an associate research scientist at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center, is studying how brains age in diverse populations.