Columbia Bids a Fond Farewell to Coach Goswami

00:08 Bid, thanks so much for your 37 years of dedication
00:12 to Columbia tennis.
00:13 We cannot thank you enough for all that you've done
00:16 for Columbia athletics and for our men's tennis program.
00:19 Wish you lots of great holes in one, Bid.
00:22 Just enjoy, have fun, and there's
00:23 a lot of people thinking about you,
00:25 and this just feels like "Mr. Holland's Opus."
00:27 [CHANTING] Bid Goswami
00:30 Bid, it will not be the same without you.
00:35 Going to the tennis bubble and not seeing you in your hat
00:38 will be a very strange affair.
00:41 Thank you for all that you've done.
00:43 Bid is really the quintessential family man,
00:47 and what he's created at Columbia
00:50 is truly a remarkable Colombia tennis family.
00:54 Bid's meant everything to me.
00:55 He's taught me so many things beyond just tennis,
00:59 even though he's a phenomenal tennis coach.
01:01 I think he brings all of us in and makes us real adults.
01:06 There are a lot of successful Columbia tennis alums,
01:08 and I think that's in large part due to his mentoring.
01:11 1984, were undefeated going into Princeton, down 4-2,
01:15 and we ended up winning--
01:16 winning the first ivy title, NITA, under Bid,
01:19 and we ended up playing in the NCAAs.
01:22 And it was just an unbelievable, fantastic experience.
01:25 When I was getting recruited by Bid, I told him, look,
01:29 I'm close to my decision-making process,
01:31 but I don't know if Columbia is at the top of my list.
01:35 So you know, he flew from India to try
01:38 to convince me to come to Columbia,
01:39 and, man, that did the job.
01:42 I'm so glad I got to experience four years of those
01:45 and help you win some titles.
01:47 Really, the impact he's had on these individuals in terms
01:50 of careers and lives and families
01:52 and all the different aspects by which he's really, really
01:55 shown a tremendous amount of love for these individuals
01:58 and has been a great leader for our men's tennis program.
02:00 [APPLAUSE]

A legend in the world of college tennis, Coach Bid Goswami retired from his post at the conclusion of the 2019 season after an illustrious 37-year career.