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President Shafik offers a midsummer update on several key measures in preparation for the new academic year.

Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi’s book, Architecture of Migration, asks readers to reconsider the Dadaab refugee camps in Africa through a new lens.

The results of the 2024 Tony Awards have been announced, and several projects involving the work of Columbia theatre artists are among the winners.

The Center trains community health workers and provides surrounding communities with preventive measures to improve their health.

Donations from faculty, staff, and retirees supported grant awards totaling nearly $300,000 to nonprofit organizations serving Harlem and Morningside Heights.

Sarah Cole has been appointed Dean of the School of the Arts, effective immediately, after serving as Interim Dean since last fall.

Columbia Engineering researchers expand their work from detecting AI-generated text to discovering deepfake videos.

From science to engineering, writing to social sciences, here are the Columbians who received awards recently.

Uptown NYC is thriving this summer—here are a few cultural events Columbia Neighbors has on its radar. 

This Caribbean American Heritage Month, meet Emily MacDonald, a Columbia junior and competitive swimmer, as she navigates life as a student-athlete.

Chan, the editor in chief of the Texas Tribune, will join the CJR, effective September 16, 2024. 

A Columbia research team used biomimicry to create a device that may reduce the risk of rotator cuff re-tearing in patients.

The Langseth is currently docked at Brooklyn Navy Yard after mapping more than 150,000 square kilometers of ocean floor.

From theater to ultra-cold quantum research, Columbians are making major strides in their fields.

After eight years of exceptional service to the University, Senior Executive Vice President Gerry Rosberg is retiring.

He will lead wide-ranging efforts to achieve climate and sustainability goals set forth by the University, including the implementation of Columbia's Plan 2030 sustainability strategy.

Law School faculty and legal experts offer insights into the high court’s recent rulings.

A team led by Columbia researchers is developing a new vaccine that could be used by people who are immunocompromised.

James Shapiro’s The Playbook is an account of a culture war over the place of theater in American democracy.

Staff within Columbia Facilities & Operations, Health, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Technology Ventures were invited to attend this first-of-its-kind meeting.

The products are used by a large percentage of the population on a monthly basis.

A Columbia Zuckerman Institute research team has for the first time observed what is happening in the brain when curiosity arises.

Columbia Zuckerman Institute researchers aim to learn more about multisensory learning by tracing connections in fruit fly brains.

A final report and suggestions will include input from students, faculty, researchers, and other constituents across the University.

Hisham Matar’s My Friends involves tensions between home, family, and exile, as well as revolution and safety.

Twenty-five Columbians have won 42 Olympic and Paralympic medals, stretching from 1896 to 2020. Here's a look back at our Lion winners. 

When he isn’t teaching algebra at Columbia or abroad, Amadou Bah likes to soak up the cultural offerings on campus.

Researchers found that areas with an elevated Social Vulnerability Index have higher than expected rates of tree growth.

Jesús E. Pérez-Ortega is interested in technology that improves our understanding of the brain and treats neurological conditions.

Helen Benedict’s The Good Deed is set against the backdrop of a refugee camp in Greece.

A new study from Columbia Business School found that most political debates occur not with strangers on social media but rather among family and friends. Moreover, participants often felt positive after such face-to-face discussions.

New Columbia Business School research examines how governments and NGOs can use social media to reduce malaria transmission.

Cichlid fish largely ignore biological relatives who shirk responsibility while punishing non-family members who act the same way.

We're keeping track of the Columbia Lions who are headed to the Paris Olympics and Paralympics to compete this summer. Here's who to watch out for. 

Business School Professor Jorge Guzman discusses his research with Sociology Professor Mario Small and PhD candidate Jinkyong Choi that examines the critical role regional innovation plays in entrepreneurial growth. 

The appointments are highly sought after and provide each new investigator with stable and generous support.

President Shafik offers a midsummer update on several key measures in preparation for the new academic year.

Deborah Paredez’s book—part criticism, part memoir—explores leaders of feminism and freedom.

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