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This page is dedicated to stories about Columbia's campus and community. From student, staff, and faculty profiles to interesting events happening on campus and in our surrounding neighborhoods, here is where you can find the latest about what's happening on and around Columbia's campuses. 

Story Highlight

Students jumping off the Sundial.
10+ Photos Bringing Glorious Back-to-School Energy as Columbia Students Begin the Fall Semester

To say the energy on Columbia's campuses these past few weeks has been electric would be an understatement. Starting in August, students began returning in droves for a mixture of orientation programs, ceremonies to celebrate their new chapters, and lively events meant to bring everyone together...not to mention classes, which officially started on Sept. 5!

From Convocation, to move-in and family goodbye, the New Student Orientation Program (NSOP) and ice cream trucks on College Walk, the fall semester is already in full gear and we can't wait to see what comes next. 

Photo of the Week

Alma Mater being unveiled
Happy Birthday, Alma!

Our iconic Alma Mater statue turns 120 years old this week! Check out this archival photo of the September 1903 unveiling.

News Quiz

A dog and cat on Columbia's campus.
The Columbia News Quiz: Dog (and Cat) Days of Summer Edition

We featured some cool cats and hot dogs on campus for International Cat Day and National Dog Day, but there's plenty more happening at Columbia as we prepare for the fall semester. 


Four Columbians with hispanic heritage
This Hispanic Heritage Month, Here Are 12 Columbians You Should Know

Take a look at any industry and you’re bound to find a Columbian with Hispanic heritage that is making waves at the top of it. From groundbreaking works of literature and film, to the study of the brain, the world of politics, and beyond, our university’s contributions to society would not be the same without these impressive alumni, faculty, staff, and students. 


Avery Hall blobs.

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Out and About


Minouche Shafik
The Inauguration of Minouche Shafik

OCTOBER 4, 2023

The inauguration of Minouche Shafik is a celebration of Columbia’s 20th president and a public reaffirmation of the university’s commitment to service, impact, and academic excellence.

Over the course of several weeks, all Columbians—including students, faculty, staff, and alumni—will join with President Shafik and our neighbors and friends for a series of events and programs across our campuses. These include opportunities to learn, to volunteer, and to debate and discuss the issues central to our local and global communities.

Everyone's welcome! The lawns on Morningside campus will be open for picnics and parties, so bring a chair and grab your friends. If you'd prefer an actual seat on Low Plaza and you’re a current student, officer, faculty or staff member with an active uni, please register.

More Stories

The Investiture of Columbia's 20th president is just around the corner.

Columbia, Barnard, and Teachers College join Morningside and West Harlem neighbors to help clean Broadway and send a message of unity.

Meet us on September 19 and 20 to initiate the Washington Heights, Morningside Heights, and West Harlem portions of the effort to clean up Broadway

From Convocation and move-in, NSOP to ice cream trucks on College Walk, the fall semester is off to an energetic start.

Henry Clemente, a head cleaner with Facilities and Operations, knows every nook and cranny of the Morningside campus.

Ruben Natal-San Miguel, a 9/11 survivor, is using his artistry to amplify the power of human connection.

We featured some cool cats and hot dogs on campus for International Cat Day and National Dog Day, but there's plenty more happening at Columbia as

As the school year kicks off, we asked Columbia researchers and staff how best to handle new endeavors. Here’s what they said.

Ocean Rivera, a peer health navigator at Columbia ICAP’s Harlem Prevention Center, was a state finalist in the 2023 Miss New York USA pageant.

President Minouche Shafik joined the Columbia community on July 1 and has hit the ground running in her new role.

Is there any more delightful sight across Columbia's campuses than a puppy bounding with endless enthusiasm?

If you live Uptown and are looking to visit a farmers market near you, we’ve got you covered.