In Other News from Columbia

Research & Discovery

Face of man in round circle on gold background with white lettering
Columbia Astrophysicist Brian Metzger Named 2020 Blavatnik Laureate

Research on the origins of gold and other heavy metals garners the nation's largest unrestricted scientific prize for young scientists.

blue sea backdrop filled with light pink and tan coral amid green leaflike algae
A Coral Reef Lifeline

Coral reefs are dying at an alarming rate due to global warming, but through genomics, a team of Columbia researchers may be able to increase the hopes of their survival.

graphic of patient lying down on stretcher with photo of pain lung and clock on wall
Severely Damaged Human Lungs Can Now Be Successfully Recovered

Researchers demonstrate that human lungs rejected for transplant can be revived using a new technique, providing hope for critically ill patients. 

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A Quantum Fluid Found to Be One of the Most Delicate Phases of Matter in a 2D Conductor

The discovery establishes the 2D conductors as a unique test platform for future applications in quantum computing. 


An illustration of a soldier holding a gun
The Fall of the American Counterrevolution

Law Professor Bernard Harcourt writes that President Trump’s counterinsurgency practices to control the population has triggered the revolution he dreaded.

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Saltzman Institute Welcomes New Director

Keren Yarhi-Milo is the new director of the Saltzman Institute for War and Peace Studies and the Arnold A. Saltzman Professor of War and Peace Studies. 

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Resource Guide for International Students and Scholars

Important news and information, including events from Columbia Global Centers and ISSO, are updated regularly.

Smoke and steam coming out of chimneys of a coal processing plant.
Smoke and steam rise from a coal processing plant in Hejin, central China's Shanxi province, Nov. 28, 2019. (AP)
Is China Still a Developing Country?

CGEP researchers Philippe Benoit and Kevin Tu examine the energy and environmental implications of China's hybrid status.

Free Speech & Press

A photo of the White House in the dark
A Time of Opportunity

Kyle Pope writes about how journalists can still get the 2020 election coverage right in the latest print issue of Columbia Journalism Review.

Illustration of a man with glasses who looks like a judge with someone's hand over his mouth
Immigration Judges Challenge Justice Department Speech Policy

The Knight First Amendment Institute filed a lawsuit on behalf of the National Association of Immigration Judges (NAIJ) challenging a government policy that imposes an unconstitutional prior restraint on immigration judges seeking to speak or write publicly in their personal capacities. 

A woman standing to the right looking at a forest with an image of a destroyed forest in the center
Columbia Journalism School Announces the 2020 John B. Oakes Award

The Oregonian/OregonLive has won the 2020 John B. Oakes Award for Distinguished Environmental Journalism for its compelling series, “Polluted by Money."

Justice & Equity

Black and white photo of prison bars
Research on Recent Incarcerations for Parole Violations

The Justice Lab's new research suggests that incarcerations for parole violations are on the rise and that could have consequences for the spread of COVID-19.

A man in PPE and a woman in a mask and an apron discussing something outside
School of Social Work's COVID-19 ACTION

The faculty of Columbia University’s School of Social Work have mobilized to form "COVID-19 ACTION" with the mission of monitoring developments and disseminating information that can be helpful to social workers and the clients they serve.

Photo of Gladys Carrion speaking
The Justice Lab Welcomes Gladys Carrión

Gladys Carrión, a national leader in youth justice, has joined the Justice Lab as an adjunct research scholar.


Arts & Humanities

Two women in different locations, one a professor, one a student, touching their screens as if to reach out to one another. Illustration by Julie Winegard
Lessons Learned: Meeting My Students Where They Are

Issues of inequity in the classroom—such as access to the Internet and private spaces, as well as the demands of caring for family members, or, in the worst cases, grieving for them—were dramatically magnified during the COVID crisis.

Orla Tinsley: a woman wearing a cap and gown and a mask.
Orla Tinsley received her MFA in writing from the School of the Arts.
A Graduate Has Gratitude for the New Life that Columbia Gave Her

An MFA Writing student remembers the double lung transplant that saved her–and so much more.

Richard Ford: A mean wearing a blue shirt smiles for the camera.
Richard Ford has received many accolades in his long career, including a Pulitzer and the Library of Congress Prize for American Fiction.
Richard Ford Returns With a New Collection of Stories

Sorry for Your Trouble, his fourteenth work of fiction, is “a book of short stories about Irish Americans—or, Americans in Ireland.”