In Other News from Columbia

October 17, 2019

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

We need to protect consumers from the growing influence of big tech corporations – including Google, Facebook and Amazon – and the public deserves to hear more about the reform proposals from the Democratic candidates.

Research & Discovery

grey brain surrounded by black squiggly lines on purple background
Can't Hear in Noisy Places?

New insights into how the brain dials up the volume to hear someone in a crowd could lead the way to improved hearing aid technologies.

pregnant woman with dark curly long hair in glasses sitting in chair depressed next to plaid shirt man with grey and brown beard who looks away in a scowl
Stress During Pregnancy May Affect Baby's Sex

A new study found pregnant women experiencing significant stress or depression are less likely to have a boy and give birth prematurely.

hands holding open paycheck in envelope
Drops in Income May Not Only Hurt the Wallet, They May Harm the Brain

A new study finds unsteady income in young adulthood linked to thinking problems in middle age.

light blue circle with circular blue cell, a clear instrument poking in to take sample
Are We Ready for Designer Babies?

A Columbia psychiatrist and ethicist addresses the quandaries we face over the changing ways we create children. 

Free Speech & Press

Woman standing in doorway of a cement building with a flowing pink head scarf. There is a turquoise tapestry hanging from the ceiling.
Q&A with 2019 Pulitzer Prize Feature Photography Winner Lorenzo Tugnoli

Tugnoli recently spoke to the Pulitzers about what drew him to Yemen and his philosophy on covering struggles of civilians in countries of conflict.

Colorful illustration with silhouetted man standing on an arrow
Introducing Free Speech Futures

The Knight Institute's essay series asks leading scholars to think beyond existing First Amendment doctrine to imagine what freedom of speech could be in our current moment and our future.


a child looking at the armed trucks driving by.
Turkish armored vehicles patrol as they conduct a joint ground patrol with American forces in the so-called "safe zone" on the Syrian side of the border with Turkey, near the town of Tal Abyad, northeastern Syria, October 4, 2019. (AP Photo/Baderkhan Ahmad)
Trump's 'Blind Eye'

David L. Phillips of the Institute for the Study of Human Rights says President Donald Trump's decision to pull back U.S. forces is strategically flawed, tactically incoherent, and morally repugnant, reversing years of U.S. policy.

Banner that says Underreported with Nicholas Lemann
Columbia Global Reports Podcast Series

From the rise of populism and medical tourism, to Chinese smartphones and Nigerian cinema, Columbia Global Reports travels to different places and brings you the stories that you aren't hearing about.

Arts & Humanities

Betti-Sue Hertz posing in front of paintings in Wallack gallery
Betti-Sue Hertz
Betti-Sue Hertz Named Director and Chief Curator of the Wallach Art Gallery

Interim Executive Vice President and Dean for Arts and Sciences announces new head of the University’s premier visual arts space.

A  woman with blond hair against a background of blue and turquoise Islamic tilework.
Hannah Bennett, the new Director of Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library.
Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library Has New Director

Hannah Bennett, previously with University of Pennsylvania Libraries, will take the helm on October 7.

Justice & Equity

Two young women and one man standing together in a group photo in a dusty rose painted room
Uncovering the Underreported and Ignored

Students are using Columbia’s Rare Book & Manuscript Library to create new scholarship in African American and African Diaspora Studies.

Salmon colored background with illustration of three women
The Path Forward

This new print and digital publication from Columbia Law School addresses criminal justice reform.

Woman on microphone speaking with man in the background, arm outstretched, possibly singing
From the Inside Out: The Power of Language to Incarcerate

The Center for Justice recently held a conference about how language can be used to reinforce stereotypes and biases against people in the criminal justice system.