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Avril Haines Is Confirmed as Biden's Director of National Intelligence

Nicholas Lemann, director of Columbia World Projects, congratulates Avril Haines on her new role as director of national intelligence.


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Safeguard Freedom of Speech

Free speech has been under attack during the Trump administration. The Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University suggests five ways the Biden administration can protect these constitutional rights.

An image of a headshot of a woman with light brown hair wearing green earrings and a black shirt on the left and a headshot of a man with long dark hair wearing a light buttoned down shirt and a gray blazer with an image of a book "How to Be an Antiracist" in the center of the picture
Let's Talk About Antiracism With Ibram X. Kendi

Columbia School of Social Work’s Courtney Cogburn spoke with the author about his book, what it means to be antiracist, and the role of universities in helping to combat racism.

Research & Discovery Stories

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Could We Harness Energy From Black Holes?

A Columbia study indicates energy can be extracted from black holes through reconnection of magnetic field lines.

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Robot Displays a Glimmer of Empathy

Engineers created a robot that can visually predict how its partner robot will behave, as part of a broader effort to endow robots with the ability to understand and anticipate the goals of other robots.

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Viral Load in COVID-19 Linked to Outcomes

Early evidence that connects the amount of virus detected in a PCR nasal swabs with patient outcomes holds promise for improving survival rates from infection.

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Older Adults in Wealthier Countries Drink More Alcohol

A new global study also finds signs that alcohol consumption is increasing during the pandemic.

Arts & Humanities Stories

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Professor Stephen Murray has written numerous books on European Gothic cathedrals.
A Gothic Cathedral Turns 800 Years Old

Professor Stephen Murray celebrates the construction and enduring relevance of Notre-Dame of Amiens in his new book.

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Illustration by Julie Winegard
Making the Most of Life in Dublin

A Columbia-Trinity College Dublin junior enjoys cycling to the sea and keeping up with her classmates in New York.


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Documenting the Pandemic

Through videos, oral histories, personal narratives, surveys and online platforms, Columbia has begun to record the stories and experiences of members of the Columbia community and beyond during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Columbia Students and Faculty Tutor Essential Workers’ Families

The University-wide volunteer program, which teaches K-12 children studying at home due to COVID-19, is expanding nationwide and will include more subjects and college prep.

A hand with an IV inserted into it rests on the edge of a hospital bed.
End-Of-Life Care During a Pandemic: How Do You Get It Right?

Columbia professor and palliative care specialist Shunichi Nakagawa is offering compassionate guidance to those seriously ill with COVID-19.

Two black and white photos of health care workers in scrubs and PPE.
Front and Center: A Nurse and a Physician Assistant Face Their New Realities

In the second installment of our video series of personal accounts from the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, meet Rakiyah Jones and Stephanie Rosa.