Research & Discovery

sad young woman with long brown hair holding joint
Cannabis Use Rapidly Increasing Among Individuals with Depression

With increasing legalization, perception of risk associated with use is declining overall.

ear with arrows pointing to many different canals and parts
3D-Printed Microneedles Open Ears to New Treatments

Delivering drugs to the inner ear is a huge challenge, but a new technique developed by engineers and medical researchers may solve the problem.

black and white penguins on brown and grey-white ice
Lamont Scientist Honored With Antarctic Namesake

Ducklow Inlet is named for Hugh Ducklow, who advanced marine biology in a region where few scientists had set foot.

hand covers glass and to the right an off screen person is pouring red wine in green bottle
Single Dose of Ketamine Plus Talk Therapy May Reduce Alcohol Use

The findings could lead to a new approach to the treatment of alcohol use disorder. 

In Other News from Columbia

Justice & Equity

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Justice Through Code

This February, the Center for Justice and the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise will begin free coding workshops for formerly incarcerated individuals.

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Columbia Helps Robin Hood Foundation Offer Better Support to the City’s Poor

An expanded poverty tracking survey will now look at early childhood poverty and the experiences of Asian-American New Yorkers.

Free Speech & Press

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Pulitzer Prize Board Announces New Audio Reporting Category

The new prize will be awarded “for a distinguished example of audio journalism that serves the public interest, characterized by revelatory reporting and illuminating storytelling.’’

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Documentarians Sue Over U.S. Government’s New Requirement for Visa Applicants

The Knight First Amendment Institute, along with the Brennan Center for Justice and Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, filed a lawsuit challenging the State Department’s new rules on social media registration.

Graphic illustration containing many images like an eye, a question mark, a ballot box and a smart phone. It's all in black, white, grey and orange
Disinfo 2020: Prepping the Press

WATCH THE LIVESTREAM for Columbia Journalism Review and the Tow Center for Digital Journalism's event on 12/10 about disinformation and our elections.


Man speaking at the podium
The Pros and Cons Joe Biden Faces in Presidential Bid

As the impeachment inquiry continues, Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is entering new territory. House Republicans are asking for Hunter Biden, the former Vice President Biden's son, to testify amid abuse of power allegations concerning President Donald Trump.

A balding man in front of a book case
Supreme Court Won’t Let Federal Executions Resume

Law Professor Jeffrey Fagan speaks to Bloomberg’s June Grasso about the Supreme Court’s refusal to resume executions by the federal government after a 16-year hiatus, rejecting a bid by President Donald Trump’s administration to lift a court-ordered hold.

a man speaking at a podium in front of flags
The Year of Joseph Stiglitz, From New York to Paris

The Nobel laureate is spending the fall semester as the Alliance Visiting Professor at Sciences Po, where he was recently honored with Doctor Honoris Causa. His latest book People, Power and Profits is now available in French.