In Other News from Columbia

Research & Discovery

Woman with long brown hair and white hard hat and blue gloves carrying grey pipe
My Wintery, Stormy Summer Expedition

Gisella Winckler spent two months with 30 scientists in the Antarctic Ocean, collecting research that will help us prevent and combat climate change.

glass with red wine, top of body at bar, cigarette in black ashtray
Depression, Cannabis Use and Binge Drinking Increase Risk of Relapse Among Former Smokers

The findings of this first national study of its kind could threaten progress in reducing the prevalence of cigarette use.

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New Evidence Points to Viral Culprit in AFM Paralysis

Acute flaccid myelitis is responsible for partially paralyzing more than 560 children in the United States since 2014.

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Researchers Develop Materials That Can Revolutionize How Light is Harnessed for Solar Energy

New design rule for generating excitons will help advance next-generation devices


Two medics in yellow and white uniforms with protective eye and head gear treat an African young man with Ebola
Medics treat an Ebola patient in Kailahun, Sierra Leone in 2014. Photo: Sylvain Cherkaoui/Cosmos
The Global Response to Ebola Outbreak: What Took So Long?

Columbia physician and Ebola survivor Craig Spencer says community engagement and trust-building are the best tools to combat the epidemic.

A gray haired man in suit with his hand raised to take an oath
Robert Mueller testifying before Congress.
Mueller’s Testimony and the New Normal

If small steps like increasing election security are not politically tenable, then we can expect Russia, China, Iran and others to influence our elections in 2020. 

Arts & Humanities

Betti-Sue Hertz posing in front of paintings in Wallack gallery
Betti-Sue Hertz
Betti-Sue Hertz Named Director and Chief Curator of the Wallach Art Gallery

Interim Executive Vice President and Dean for Arts and Sciences announces new head of the University’s premier visual arts space.

Melissa Smey, Executive Director of Miller Theatre
Melissa Smey, Executive Director of Miller Theatre
20 Years of Composer Portraits and 10 Years as Executive Director of Miller Theatre

Melissa Smey discusses the upcoming Miller Theatre season and looks back on her tenure. 

Justice & Equity

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The Path Forward

This new print and digital publication from Columbia Law School addresses criminal justice reform.

Open doors in jail cells
Launching EXiT: Executives Transforming Probation and Parole

The Justice Lab's Probation and Parole Reform Project has started a new initiative aimed at making the parole and probation system less punitive.

White pencil drawn image of a family on a sky blue background
The Case for Counting Children in a Carbon Tax Dividend Plan

A new study from the Center on Poverty and Social Policy found that providing carbon dividends to all adults and children would reduce poverty.