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Research & Discovery

animation: blue background with large blue machine and researcher handing over a bottle of medicine
Harnessing Antibodies: New Podcast from Zuckerman Institute

Tune in to hear about researchers’ efforts to treat people who have COVID-19 with antibodies collected from those who have recovered.

man in yellow vist overseeing two blue-suited masked clinicians entering a tent
Columbia Registry Asks Health Care Workers to Share Stories, Fears of Combating COVID-19

Their responses will allow researchers to understand the impact on those most directly affected and learn how to best address their needs.

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Black Young Adults Exposed to Segregation Have Faster Cognitive Declines in Mid-life

The study may explain black-white disparities in dementia risk at an older age.

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Potentially Fatal Combinations of Humidity and Heat Are Emerging Across the Globe

The U.S. Gulf Coast is among the regions hit with conditions that were not expected for decades.


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Online discussion by SIPA Dean Merit E. Janow, Professors Thomas J. Christensen, Benjamin L. Liebman, and Shang-Jin Wei, and CEO of New Frontier Health Roberta Lipson
U.S. and China Relations in the Era of COVID-19

Professors Thomas Christensen, Shang-Jin Wei and Benjamin L. Liebman, joined by New Frontier Health CEO Roberta Lipson, discuss the US-China relations with SIPA Dean Merit E. Janow.

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Law in the Time of COVID-19

Columbia Law scholars discuss the legal issues around COVID-19—including elections, privacy, prisoners’ rights, bankruptcy, the environment, force majeure in contracts, and public health law in this free e-book.

A screenshot showing a person holding up the American flag with fire burning in the background
Under the Blacklight: The Fire This Time

Law Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw discusses racial justice and intersectionality between the COVID-19 and George Floyd with Minn. Attorney General Keith Ellison, Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza and others.

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A World of Hurt: The Impact of COVID-19 On Retail

Director of Retail Studies Mark Cohen discusses the changes coming to large retailers, many of which had already seen declining sales and store closures before the pandemic hit.

Free Speech & Press

Black and white photo of dark clouds over the White house
A Cyberbully in the Oval Office

The Knight Institute's Katie Fallow argues that a new executive order aimed at regulating social media is a profoundly dangerous attempt to punish Twitter for its speech.

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The Police Abuse the Press. Again.

Columbia Journalism Review's Jon Allsop writes about how police officers reacted violently towards journalists during the recent mass protests around the country.

Image of a computer screen with the Johns Hopkins' coronavirus tracker
The Dart Center Receives a Major Google Gift

The gift of $600,000 from Google.org will fund the development and dissemination of reporting resources and psychosocial support programs for journalists worldwide. 

Justice & Equity

Black and white photo of prison bars
Research on Recent Incarcerations for Parole Violations

The Justice Lab's new research suggests that incarcerations for parole violations are on the rise and that could have consequences for the spread of COVID-19.

A man in PPE and a woman in a mask and an apron discussing something outside
School of Social Work's COVID-19 ACTION

The faculty of Columbia University’s School of Social Work have mobilized to form "COVID-19 ACTION" with the mission of monitoring developments and disseminating information that can be helpful to social workers and the clients they serve.

Public housing apartments in New York City with two boys playing basketball
Poverty in the United States Could Reach Highest Levels in 50 Years

The Center on Poverty and Social Policy research shows that poverty rates could reach extremely high levels because of the coronavirus pandemic, impacting African-Americans and children hardest.


Arts & Humanities

Orla Tinsley: a woman wearing a cap and gown and a mask.
Orla Tinsley received her MFA in writing from the School of the Arts.
A Graduate Has Gratitude for the New Life that Columbia Gave Her

An MFA Writing student remembers the double lung transplant that saved her–and so much more.

Richard Ford: A mean wearing a blue shirt smiles for the camera.
Richard Ford has received many accolades in his long career, including a Pulitzer and the Library of Congress Prize for American Fiction.
Richard Ford Returns With a New Collection of Stories

Sorry for Your Trouble, his fourteenth work of fiction, is “a book of short stories about Irish Americans—or, Americans in Ireland.”

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