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Jamal Greene and a cover of his book
Jamal Greene Shows How Rights Go Wrong

In his new bookthe constitutional law scholar argues that competing rights should be balanced through political compromise.

Women having their temperatures taken in Mumbai
COVID-19 and the Economic Agenda

What advanced countries can and should do to help the developing world and emerging markets recover from the pandemic and its economic aftermath.


Five students from Columbia's SIPA working on global public policy
SIPA Students Present Policy Proposals

The 2021 Global Public Policy Network conference and competition among students at peer schools worldwide addressed “The Crisis of Globalization as We Know It.”

Research & Discovery

child in dentist's chair with mouth open and dentist in white gloves and blue gown, only arm showing, bending down over him.
Oral Symptoms Common in Children With COVID-Linked Inflammatory Disorder

A small percentage of pediatric patients have developed a condition known as multi-system inflammatory syndrome, or MIS, serious enough to warrant hospitalization.

red circles on green flower-like background depicting virus
New ‘Home-Grown’ Coronavirus Variant Found in NYC Region

So far, more than 80 cases of the variant have been identified in the tri-state area.

barbed wire circles a fence against backdrop of blue sky and sunrise
Incarceration Is Strongly Linked with Premature Death in U.S.

The most common causes of death in prison population include Infectious diseases, chronic respiratory disease, drug use, and suicide.

large brown mountain with flat top against backdrop of snow covered mountains
How Climate Change Helped Dinosaurs Migrate from South America to Greenland

A drop in atmospheric CO2 levels aided massive plant eaters on their 6,500-mile trek across North America.

Arts & Humanities

Oscars 2021 Columbia announcement
Four Columbia Films Nominated for 2021 Oscars

Movies created by School of the Arts filmmakers have been nominated for Oscars this year, which are scheduled to take place on April 25, 2021.


A black and white photo of a health care worker in goggles readjusts her face mask.
Documenting the Pandemic

Through videos, oral histories, personal narratives, surveys and online platforms, Columbia has begun to record the stories and experiences of members of the Columbia community and beyond during the coronavirus pandemic.

A composite of faces showing people of diverse races, gender and age
Columbia Students and Faculty Tutor Essential Workers’ Families

The University-wide volunteer program, which teaches K-12 children studying at home due to COVID-19, is expanding nationwide and will include more subjects and college prep.

A hand with an IV inserted into it rests on the edge of a hospital bed.
End-Of-Life Care During a Pandemic: How Do You Get It Right?

Columbia professor and palliative care specialist Shunichi Nakagawa is offering compassionate guidance to those seriously ill with COVID-19.

Two black and white photos of health care workers in scrubs and PPE.
Front and Center: A Nurse and a Physician Assistant Face Their New Realities

In the second installment of our video series of personal accounts from the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, meet Rakiyah Jones and Stephanie Rosa.