In Other News from Columbia

Research & Discovery

black and white penguins on brown and grey-white ice
Lamont Scientist Honored With Antarctic Namesake

Ducklow Inlet recognizes Columbia's Hugh Ducklow, who advanced marine biology in a region where few scientists had set foot.

baby with large blue eyes open wide with blue and yellow pacifier
Why Do We Freeze When Startled?

A new study that uncovers the mechanism that produces the fly’s startle response offers clues to what may happen in our own bodies.

white power next to hypodermic needle filled with brown liquid. Faded bent arm in background
How Effective are State Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs?

A new analysis is the first to identify characteristics of programs most strongly associated with changes in rates of fatal heroin poisonings. 

White man with grey hair cupping hand to ear
Link Between Hearing and Cognition Begins Earlier Than Once Thought

A study finds that cognitive impairment begins in the earliest stages of hearing loss, when hearing is still considered normal.

Free Speech & Press

The text "TRUE LIES" in orange and gray
Beyond Facts

Kyle Pope, Columbia Journalism Review's editor in chief, writes about why he chose to tackle disinformation for the CJR's latest print issue, True Lies.

Two gold medals on a table
Two New Members Join the Pulitzer Prize Board

Carlos Lozada, an associate editor and book critic for The Washington Post, and David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker, have been elected to the Pulitzer Prize Board.


Man speaking at the podium
The Pros and Cons Joe Biden Faces in Presidential Bid

As the impeachment inquiry continues, Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is entering new territory. House Republicans are asking for Hunter Biden, the former Vice President Biden's son, to testify amid abuse of power allegations concerning President Donald Trump.

a man speaking at a podium in front of flags
The Year of Joseph Stiglitz, From New York to Paris

The Nobel laureate is spending the fall semester as the Alliance Visiting Professor at Sciences Po, where he was recently honored with Doctor Honoris Causa. His latest book People, Power and Profits is now available in French.

A man sitting and speaking into a microphone
Noah Kaufman Testifies Before US House of Representatives

Center on Global Energy Policy Research Scholar Noah Kaufman testifies before the House Subcommittee on Environment & Climate Change of the Committee on Energy & Commerce, United States House of Representatives, 116th Congress.

Justice & Equity

Large photo of a woman on the left side of the picture with a casket and flowers at the right side.
You Promised You Wouldn’t Kill Me

In The New York Times, Kimberlé Crenshaw discusses how black women who are killed by law enforcement are often forgotten or ignored in the public sphere.

Man handing out green apples to people and putting them in a blue bag
Columbia Helps Robin Hood Foundation Offer Better Support to the City’s Poor

An expanded poverty tracking survey will now look at early childhood poverty and the experiences of Asian-American New Yorkers.

Two young women and one man standing together in a group photo in a dusty rose painted room
Uncovering the Underreported and Ignored

Students are using Columbia’s Rare Book & Manuscript Library to create new scholarship in African American and African Diaspora Studies.