In Other News from Columbia

Justice & Equity

Man standing and smiling standing in front of people on computers and a banner saying San Quentin News
How an Inmate-Run Newspaper Transformed a Notorious Prison

William Drummond, Columbia alumnus and current professor at UC Berkeley, talks about training inmates to be journalists at California's San Quentin State Prison.

Audience in background with a handout saying "Misinformation, Media Manipulation, & Antisemitism" in foreground
Misinformation, Media Manipulation and Antisemitism

An annual event at the Italian Academy marking Holocaust Remembrance Day looks at online extremism.

Three men standing and smiling and laughing with each other
Social Media Reacts to JAY-Z's Campus Visit

New York City-born rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur and philanthropist helped launch the Shawn "JAY-Z" Carter Lecture Series in the Department of African American and African Diaspora Studies. 


2020 with a check mark
Challenges and Opportunities in 2020 Election Series

Challenges and Opportunities in 2020 election series at INCITE is a forum for academics, journalists, and others to comment on the issues at stake in the 2020 presidential election, and related topics front and center in American politics and society.

Black and white photo showing a woman in between two men
Photo courtesy of NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund
Crusading for Justice: The Civil Rights Act of 1964, 50 Years of Challenges and Progress

Columbia Law School traces its connection to the civil rights movement and challenges in this timeline until 2014 since the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a turning point in the American civil rights movement.

Men and women in swimsuit in photograph and illustrations
New Research Initiative on Global History of Sexualities

The Columbia Research Initiative on the Global History of Sexualities fosters collaborative transnational research on the global history of sexualities, including extensive online resources and the research guide.

Research & Discovery

Woman with blonde hair and blue and white striped shirt holding her nose
Putrid Compound Has a Sweet Side

New findings suggest that the foulest odor in nature could be used to treat atherosclerosis and other chronic inflammatory diseases.

highway with varies color cars, green meridian, tress and rail lines
Best Urban Design for Curbing Road Injuries

A new study finds combining public transport and rail networks with low-speed city blocks is the most effective way to reduce traffic accidents.

Four bright orange, pink and purple butterflies - two on two rows
Beating the Heat Built Into the Wings of Butterflies

Engineers have discovered nanostructures in butterfly wings that could inspire new cooling tech and advanced flying machines.

blue sky and icy ocean with icebergs and red ship
Ozone-Depleting Substances Caused Half of Late 20th-century Arctic Warming

A new study finds greenhouse warming effects of compounds implicated in about a third of overall global warming at the time.

Free Speech & Press

Woman with head scarf and a serious expression looking at a man
Mary Louise Kelly on Navigating Iran After Soleimani’s Death

Columbia Journalism Review interviews NPR's Mary Louise Kelly about her recent experience reporting in Iran.

Graphic depiction of a smart phone
Social Media for Public Officials 101

The Knight First Amendment Institute compiled a First Amendment guide for public officials using social media.

Woman speaking at a podium
Celebrating Journalism at the duPont-Columbia Awards Ceremony

Hosts Christiane Amanpour, of CNN, and Michael Barbaro, of The New York Times, handed out 16 journalists a 2020 Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Silver Baton.