a eastern perspective of the Manhattanville campus at dusk

Completing the first group of Renzo Piano-designed buildings, The Forum provides a gateway to an urban campus designed for both academic and civic engagement.

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John Judis
John Judis’s last book was beyond prescient. It explored the nativist and nationalistic forces on the right and the left and its long-term impact. Two months after it was published in September 2016, Donald J. Trump won the presidency.
Ravi Tomer
Raju Tomer has won a NIH Director’s New Innovator Award, for his pioneering work in developing new technologies for high-resolution mapping of brain structure and function.

Arthur Ashkin, May 27, 1947. Photo courtesy Columbia University Archives

Ashkin, 96, is the oldest person ever named a Nobel laureate in any category. His achievement allowed scientists to use pressure from light to manipulate tiny organisms without damaging them, “an old dream of science fiction.”
a diverse group of 12 people part of the Obama Scholars program
An accomplished group of 12 rising social change-makers from around the world begin the Obama Foundation Scholars program at Columbia University.