In Other News from Columbia

Research & Discovery

headshot of newborn with fuzzy black hair in blanket with  a woman's hand touching forehead
Low Risk to Newborns from Moms with COVID-19

A study found infants born to mothers who tested positive with—or suspected of having—the virus, there was no detection of SARS-CoV-2 in nearly 100 percent of the tests.

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Will the COVID-19 Virus Become Endemic?

Mailman School of Public Health researchers explore the potential for the novel coronavirus to become a regular feature producing recurring outbreaks in humans.

Black man in grey hoodie smoking cigarette with angry expression. Smoke swirls in background
Would Menthol Be Banned if the Typical Consumer Was White and Upper-Middle Class?

New research suggests that a ban on menthol cigarettes could exacerbate deep social inequities.

young asian man with tying on black mask
Even Mild Cases Can Cause “COVID-19 Fog”

Neurologists and patients should watch out for lingering neurological and psychiatric issues, even if symptoms were mild and never required medical attention.

Arts & Humanities

A woman with white hair walks with a cane behind a person on the ground.
Georgina Kleege, on the left, navigating through "Sequence" by Richard Serra, alongside a performance by choreographer Shelley Lasica.
The Preservation of Disability

A recent online GSAPP event explores how improving access to historic buildings and sites empowers the disabled.

Nine people in their zoom boxes.
Professor Rym Bettaieb's Arabic class meets in a Zoom session online. Bettaieb is top center; visiting filmmaker Farah AlHashim is top left.
Professors Embrace New Technology to Adapt to Online Instruction

With the help of the Center for Teaching and Learning, Columbia faculty have harnessed Zoom, CourseWorks, and other digital tools for their remote classrooms. 

A blue sky/star backdrop and the words "Tony Awards."
Tony Nominations Stacked with Columbia Alumni and Faculty

The American Theatre Wing recently announced the 74th annual Tony Award nominations, which include many Columbians. 

Justice & Free Speech

A man standing in front of a white board teaching a class
Formerly Incarcerated Individuals Learn to Code

Gladys Carrión, a national leader in youth justice, has joined the Justice Lab as an adjunct research scholar.


Text saying "The Media Today" on a dark grey background
Amplifying Republican talking points around Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation

Columbia Journalism Review's Jon Allsop writes about how the media is distracted by the court-packing issue.

A photo of a group of people looking at a blue plaque saying "The Lynching of George White." More text is under the title.
Columbia and Howard Universities Launch U.S. African American Redress Network

The pilot project documented more than 100 local efforts to redress historical racist incidents along the Atlantic Coast from Delaware to Florida.