How to Drag a Body and Other Safety Tips You Hope to Never Need: Survival Tricks for Hacking, Hurricanes, and Hazards Life Might Throw at You

By Judith Matloff

Everyone from Louis Pasteur to the Girl Scouts has championed the motto “Be Prepared”—but what does that mean in today’s world? In this age of anxiety when the news of mass shootings, political unrest, the constant threat of nuclear war, devastating natural disasters, and vulnerable digital lives dominate the news and our lived experiences, we all yearn for control and agency. We want to make sensible decisions in a world that seems to be going off the rails. We want to be prepared.

As a seasoned war correspondent with more than thirty years of experience in crisis zones and pioneering safety consultant, Judith Matloff knows a thing or two about safety and crisis management. In Prepped, she shares her tried-and-true methods to be ready for whatever comes your way:

Perhaps you live in an earthquake zone and need to assemble an emergency kit

Maybe you want to build emotional resilience in the event of an accident

Perhaps you’re a college student worried about rape at fraternity parties

Maybe you’ve decided to be more politically active, but are wary of protests getting out of hand

You may even work in a profession that sends you to crisis zones

Matloff covers all these situations and more. From cyber security, active shooter situations, and travel, to natural disasters and emotional resilience, Prepped is an essential reference and beacon of reassurance.

Unfortunately, we can’t anticipate all the crises of our lives. But you can be ready for them. Mining stories from the field Matloff drolly dishes out the worst survival meals and the best boots for protest marches. She explains how to remain upright in stampedes, avoid bank fraud, prevent sexual assault, and stay clean in a shelter. With reassuring humor and a kickass sensibility, Matloff shares tips that will give even the most anxious reader a sense of control over life’s unpredictable perils.