Profitably Healthy Companies: Principles of Organizational Growth and Development

By W. Warner Burke and Michael O'Malley

Every company faces challenges, but some are able to achieve long-term vitality while others flame out. What distinguishes a healthy, high-performing organization? Which ingredients, decisions, and values result in a business that is built for the long haul?

Profitably Healthy Companies lays out ten essential principles of organizational development for sustained success. Bringing together practical and academic expertise, W. Warner Burke and Michael O’Malley detail proven methods for every organization at each level. They demonstrate why a focus on employee and community well-being is more likely to ensure lasting profitability than a single-minded focus on the bottom line. Burke and O’Malley explain the keys to company resilience, examining safeguards against decline and disaster as well as tools for generative renewal and growth. They show how organizational culture encourages optimal performance, flexible and adaptive corporate strategy, and employee motivation and commitment. The book emphasizes up-to-the-moment issues, such as how to center diversity and inclusion and the promise and pitfalls of remote work.

Burke and O’Malley base their recommendations on research in organizational psychology as well as their own extensive consultative experience, providing a rich array of case studies and examples. Profitably Healthy Companies is a clear and authoritative guide for practitioners, leaders, and decision makers, synthesizing an all-inclusive treatment of organizational life with a comprehensive checklist of what organizations must do in order to thrive.

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