6 Photos That Show There Is 'Snow' Place Like Columbia During a Nor'easter

As 16 inches of snow blanketed New York City this week, Columbia Facilities was out ensuring campus was safe for essential work—and a little play, too. 

Eileen Barroso and Kelly Moffitt
February 02, 2021

More than 16 inches of snow fell on New York City during 2021's first Nor'easter, disrupting air travel and shutting down parts of the subway. But even in the early hours of the storm, when the wind was at its most wicked, Columbia Facilities was out ensuring the University's campuses were safe and accessible for essential work—and a little play, too. 

University Photographer Eileen Barroso was also on the job, capturing the snow day in pictures. Scroll through six of our favorite photos, which show there's "snow" place like Columbia during a blizzard. 

1. Salting and Keeping Us Safe

A man in a blue snow suit, blue mask, and fuzzy hat sprinkles snow on Columbia's sidewalks.

Our stalwart team with Columbia Facilities was out from beginning to end of the snowstorm, ensuring paths were cleared around Columbia's campuses. Thank you for keeping us safe and slip-free!

2. Alma Wore White

A black statue of Columbia's Alma Mater, with hands and scepter upraised, is enshrouded in a blanket of snow as snowflakes swirl around her.

Alma Mater sits solemnly, shrouded in white, observing the snowfall.

3. College Walk Joy

A woman in a black Ivy League jacket and Columbia-emblazoned hat and mask walks on a snowy sidewalk.

In the early hours of Feb. 1, a Columbia athlete braved the snow for a stroll down College Walk.

4. Revson Plaza, Revisited

A circular statue stands overlooking Morningside campus on Revson Plaza.

Life Force, a sculpture by David Bakalar, stands out on a snowy Revson Plaza.

5. Three Cheers for a Snow Day

Three students in masks, hats, gloves, and jackets, jump on College Walk sidewalk in front of trees covered in snow with holiday lights.

A snow day might mean something a little different during the pandemic, but that doesn't mean there isn't a cause to jump for joy on College Walk.

6. A Classic Low-Steps Sled

A group of students in masks and hats stand with hands raised in front of the Alma Mater statue, covered in snow, as another student sleds down Low Steps.

Is it even a snowstorm without a Low Steps sledder or two?

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