Columbia Undergrads Chosen as UN 2021 Millennium Fellows

They join more than 2,000 students, representing over 120 universities worldwide, who are deeply committed to social impact, sustainable development, and climate change. 

Eve Glasberg
September 15, 2021

Thirteen Columbia undergraduates ranging from sophomores to seniors form part of the newly named 2021 class of Millennium Fellows, a program run by the United Nations Academic Impact and Millennium Campus Network. The program’s purpose is to “convene, challenge, and celebrate” student leaders working toward UN sustainable development goals through social impact. The Columbia cohort joins more than 2,000 Millennium Fellows this year, who represent more than 120 college campuses worldwide.

Given that Climate Week NYC starts on September 20, now is the time to celebrate Columbia’s Millennium Fellows, who are focusing on sustainable development and climate issues.

A list of the 13 Columbia 2021 Millennium Fellows:

Ahmad Arman Al-bin Sakir Husein; Columbia College; Major: Economics

Benjamin Sherbakov; School of General Studies; Major: Political Science

Carsten Peter Willem Barnes; Junior, School of General Studies; Majors: Economics and Statistics

Chloe Capetanos; Senior, Barnard; Major: Psychology

Claire Renee Choi; Junior, Columbia College; Majors: Human Rights and Political Science

Daniel Harrich; Junior, School of General Studies; Major: Economics

Jung Ha Yoo; Junior, School of General Studies; Major: Sustainable Development

Kate Dorlan; School of General Studies; Major: Political Science

Marla Zoe Rinck; Junior, School of General Studies; Major: Political Science

May Louise Dittel; Senior, School of General Studies; Major: Human Rights

Ronald Yi Xiu Wu; Sophomore, Columbia College; Majors: Computer Science and Political Science

Shloka Venkata Janapaty; Sophomore, Columbia Engineering; Major: Applied Math

Silas Swanson; Senior, Columbia College and Columbia Engineering; Majors: Environmental Engineering and Philosophy