How Well Do You Know the History of Veterans at Columbia University?

This Veterans Day, test your knowledge of the incredible history of veterans on Columbia's campuses. 

November 09, 2023

Veterans Day is right around the corner and as we honor veterans of the United States Armed Forces, we thought we'd take a look at the history of veterans in the Columbia community.

Recognized as a top institution of higher education for veteran transition, the success of student veterans at Columbia University is a point of major pride at the University. 

"The more an accessible educational opportunity for transition is provided, the more veterans can enter into the discourse of broader veteran issues," said David Keefe, Director of Military and Veteran Community Engagement at Columbia, in a Columbia News column in 2021. "With the veteran community being a microcosm of American society, the diversity of backgrounds, experiences, beliefs, politics, and thought, and the added experience from those that served in the military as part of classroom discourse greatly enriches our ability to understand who the veteran is and where they come from."

Test your knowledge of the history of veterans and veterans services at Columbia below.