Look Up! 8 Luminous Photos From an Eclipse-Viewing on Low Plaza

On April 8, Columbians gathered on Morningside campus to witness a partial solar eclipse.

April 09, 2024

April 8, 2024: The day the earth stood still. Well, as still as hundreds of Columbians gathered on Low Plaza staring at a solar eclipse could be! From the center of Morningside campus, the eclipse reached about 90% totality, but the vibes were 100%. 

The weather was perfect, the Astronomy department's telescopes were out, and the eclipse glasses were flowing. President Minouche Shafik joined the fun, handing out glasses, alongside several Astronomy professors, while grad students helped passersby view the eclipse through their two portable telescopes.

University Photographer Eileen Barroso joined the fun. Here are some of our favorite photos captured during the celestial event. Share yours by tagging @columbia, wherever you viewed the eclipse.

Three students look at the eclipse through eclipse glasses.
Five students in white shirts look up at the solar eclipse.
Astronomy department members help Columbians look at the eclipse through a telescope.
President Minouche Shafik looks up at the eclipse with eclipse glasses on.
A Columbia student views the eclipse through a camera obscura, constructed using a Cheerios box.
Columbians gather on picnic blankets.
The center of Morningside Campus was filled with people during the solar eclipse.

Wondering what to do with your glasses now that the big event is over and the next total eclipse viewable from the contiguous United States won't be until 2044? Check out Astronomers Without Borders' eclipse glasses recycling program or stop by a Warby Parker (the closest to Columbia's Morningside campus is at 2875 Broadway)!