From left: Kellie Jones, Sarah Stillman and Claudia Rankine

From left: Kellie Jones, Sarah Stillman and Claudia Rankine

Columbia's "Genius Grant" winners are among those named 2016 Fellows of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. They join a distinguished group of 23 talented people in a variety of fields who received fellowships this year for creative work that demonstrates notable originality, dedication and self-direction.

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Columbia University trustees Abigail Black Elbaum, Mark T. Gallogly

The new trustees are Abigail Black Elbaum (left) and Mark. T Gallogly.

Columbia University announced that Abigail Black Elbaum (CC’92, BUS’94) and Mark T. Gallogly (BUS’86) have been elected to its Board of Trustees. Their terms began September 6, 2016.

Columbia University VP of Stewardship Jessica Prata

Photo by John Pinderhughes

Columbia University is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. The person who helps make sure of this is Jessica Prata, the assistant vice president at the Environmental Stewardship, Facilities and Operations office. Having only been here three years, she has already been instrumental in pushing for sustainability in the development of the new Manhattanville campus.
Van Tran Sociologist, Immigrant Refugee

Photo by Barbara Alper

Van Tran is a second-generation refugee. His father left China at age 5, after the 1949 Communist revolution, eventually moving to Vietnam, where Tran was born. But history repeated itself, and in 1990, when Tran was 10, he, his parents and two of his four siblings fled Saigon.

Cybersecurity expert Jason Healey Columbia University Professor

Photo by Eileen Barroso

From online privacy to massive leaks of classified government documents, data breaches have become part of modern society. But in recent months cybersecurity has become a new wild card in our nation’s political process.