Digital Strategy

Columbia Sites

Free websites for the Columbia community

Schools, labs, research centers and student groups can choose from three template styles that are accessible to everyone, fully responsive, and easy to use. Fill in a website request form then attend a free training to get access to all of our features:

  • Build pages behind login
  • Pages for research publications
  • Directory listings
  • Sortable content by topic
  • and much more!

Bedework Events Calendar

A free calendaring platform for use across Columbia's campuses

Anyone with a UNI can login and create a one-off event for inclusion in the University Events Calendar. You can also email to request a free group calendar, which will enable advanced features, such as the ability to:

  • Create recurring events
  • Have users register
  • Charge a fee for attendance
  • Feed your events onto your website
  • And much more!

Columbia Photo Library

A subscriber-based digital asset management system

Paid subscribers can store, tag, search and filter images by dozens of unique metadata fields as well as have access to hundreds of images from across the university. Email to learn more about:

  • Tagging and searching photos with custom keywords
  • Sharing password-protected images
  • Version control and tracking use of images
  • Incorporating commenting and workflow
  • Setting expiry date and copyright restrictions
  • And much more!

Learn more about the Columbia Photo Library >