Gerald M. Rosberg Letter to CURA Collective

Editor's note:

Please disregard the date below. The following is the text of the letter Gerald M. Rosberg sent to the CURA Collective on February 20, 2023.

March 28, 2023

Dear CURA Collective,

At the request of President Bollinger, I am responding to your letter dated February 13, 2023 regarding the Columbia University Resident Adviser (CURA) Collective.

We are proud of our Resident Adviser program and of the recent improvements to it. Those improvements were the product of direct discussions between the University and Resident Advisers. We recognize, however, that Resident Advisers have a right to decide whether they wish to be represented by CURA. We believe that such a decision should be made through a democratic process, including a secret-ballot election.

For that reason, we respectfully decline your request that the University voluntarily recognize CURA.

If CURA determines to seek an election, the University is committed to work in good faith throughout the process.

Gerald M. Rosberg
Senior Executive Vice President