Recent News from Columbia

Research & Discovery

A booklet of 15th-century liturgical music, known as an antiphonary, being examined with the Columbia Nano Initiative's Raman spectrometer. The manuscript's official name is UTS MS 114.
Using Nanotechnology to Uncover Details of a Medieval Manuscript

How Columbia conservators, Nano Initiative scientists, and a music scholar used state-of-the-art technology to examine a score.

A person using cannabis in a party setting.
Study Reveals Link Between Cannabis Use and Asthma Prevalence

Until now little was known about the use of cannabis among youth and its relationship with asthma.

A composite image of what the night sky would look like if our eyes had deep H-alpha vision.
Columbia Releases New Data on Hydrogen Emissions Within the Orion Constellation

The data release kicks off an astronomy partnership with the Michele and David Mittelman Family Foundation.

Campus & Community

Two leaders of Columbia debate
Fostering the Art of Debate

Meet the students behind the Columbia Debate Society, which has 100 members.

blood drive in faculty house in 2021
Columbia Receives Inaugural 'Dr. Charles Drew Lifesaver Award' After 22,000 Blood Donations Over the Years

The award, given by the New York Blood Center, is especially poignant because Dr. Charles Drew was an alumnus of Columbia's medical school.

People talk on low steps
University Senate to Hold Series of Listening Forums

The Committee on the Rules of University Conduct encourages the Columbia community to weigh in with comments, concerns, and suggestions.

National & Global Affairs

Yaeli Bloch-Elkon, Brigitte Nacos, and Robert Shapiro.
Will History Repeat Itself With the 2024 Presidential Election?

A new book traces how the Tea Party laid the groundwork for the rise of Trump.

Dialogue Across Difference
What’s at Stake in These Polarized Times

Students, faculty, and staff gathered in person and online to explore how the often binary conversations around current events inform our understanding of democracy, the elements that prevent us from coming together for civil discourse, and where we go from here.