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Research & Discovery

Hundreds of huge stone statues known as moai built by earlier residents are taken by some as evidence of a onetime much larger population. (Photo by Stephanie Morcinek via Unsplash)
Study Challenges Popular Idea That Easter Islanders Committed ‘Ecocide’

New evidence suggests that the island's population did not rapidly expand to unsustainable levels and then collapse.

Illustration of a fruit fly perceiving a field of flowers as colorful.
How Does the Brain Turn Waves of Light Into Experiences of Color?

A new fruit fly study reveals the brain-cell circuitry that converts raw sensory signals into perceptions of color.

Illustration of a doctor inside a patient mind
A Physician’s Journey Into the Minds of Coma Patients

A Columbia neurologist hopes to better identify which patients with severe brain injuries are likely to regain consciousness.

Arts & Humanities

Mabel O. Wilson
Mabel O. Wilson Named Chair of the African American and African Diaspora Studies Department

Wilson will lead the department which explores the historical, cultural, social, and intellectual contours of the development of people of African descent.

Barnard Professor Anne Higonnet
Anne Higonnet's research focuses on art since 1650, childhood, and collecting.
What They Wore to the Revolution

Anne Higonnet’s new book profiles three historic French women who led a fashion upheaval.

Campus & Community

2024 Olympians
Here Are All the Paris Olympics-Bound Columbia Athletes That We Know So Far

We're keeping track of the Columbia Lions who are headed to the Paris Olympics and Paralympics to compete this summer. Here's who to watch out for. 

The Columbia University Athletes Who Have Medaled at the Olympics Over the Years
The Columbia University Athletes Who Have Medaled at the Olympics Over the Years

Twenty-five Columbians have won 42 Olympic and Paralympic medals, stretching from 1896 to 2020. Here's a look back at our Lion winners. 

Uptown Night Market 2023
10+ Cultural Events Uptown to Add to Your 2024 Summer Calendar

Uptown NYC is thriving this summer—here are a few cultural events we're looking forward to. 

National & Global Affairs

Image of Columbia Business professor in a video talking about how political debates can leave you feeling optimistic.
What We Get Wrong About Political Debates

A study from the Business School found that most political debates occur among family and friends, and the face-to-face discussions are positive.


illustration of megaphones spouting the words "facts" and "fake news"
The Surprising Factors That Make Readers (and Voters) Susceptible to Misinformation

Andrea Prat investigates how well Americans can detect false information compared to their ability to recognize true facts.

pumping gas
Don’t Slam the Door on Inexpensive Chinese Electric Vehicles

EVs shouldn’t be a luxury item, but Biden’s tariffs mean they may remain so.