Recent News from Columbia

Research & Discovery

Extreme weather clouds.
New Method Predicts Extreme Weather Events More Accurately

Columbia Engineering researchers have developed a machine-learning algorithm that significantly improves the prediction of extreme rainfall.

An illustration of a person's head surrounded by their memories.
How Our Most Meaningful Memories Are Made

Neuroscientists are closer to solving one of the mysteries of the human brain.

An illustration of a chatbot answering user questions.
ChatGPT Therapy Is Good, But It Misses What Makes Us Human

Here's what happened when a Columbia professor asked ChatGPT to be the therapist for a hypothetical patient.

National & Global Affairs

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama Addressed the Attendees of the FaultLines: Democracy Event

President Obama urged journalists and historians at the Columbia Journalism School conference to search for solutions in fighting disinformation and to work to strengthen US democracy.

Yumi Shimabukuro, SIPA professor
Yumi Shimabukuro Talks Social Policy and Teaching Philosophy

A SIPA professor discusses how her experience growing up in a poor community in Japan fostered her interest in political economy and social welfare.

Senator Cory Booker
A Classroom Exercise Becomes a Congressional Bill

Students offered input on a policy proposal in a Mailman School of Public Health course that is now the basis of the Smart Sentencing Adjustments Act introduced this week by Senator Booker and  Representative Cárdenas.