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A raccoon in Brooklyn.
Scientists Are Mapping New York City Wildlife. And We Don't Mean Rats, Squirrels or Pigeons.

New Yorkers are sharing space with an increasing number of wild creatures that are good at adapting their diets and hiding places to urban environments. 

A large group of people poses for a picture.
ICAP Receives $24 Million to Support Scale-Up of Innovative HIV Programming in Africa

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded ICAP at Columbia University $24.6 million to expand an initiative aimed at supporting novel person-centered HIV service delivery.

Ignacio Mundo measures a ship’s rib in preparation for sampling.
Scientists Say Shipwreck Off Patagonia Is Long-Lost 1850s Rhode Island Whaler

Archaeologists have spent years researching the ship’s origin. A new analysis of tree rings in its timbers has provided perhaps the most compelling evidence yet.

The monkeypox virus.
Columbia Health Provides Guidance on Monkeypox Virus

With the number of confirmed cases rising in the U.S. and other countries around the world, New York has declared monkeypox an imminent threat to public health in the state.


Public housing
A New Study Reveals Pipeline From Public Housing to Prison

Researchers from the Center for Justice found that over-surveillance of NYC's public housing has led to more arrests and more prison time for its residents.

Monica Hakimi, Columbia Law School
Challenging Assumptions on International Law

Monica Hakimi from Columbia Law School argues that we should take international law on its own terms. 

Graphic image of typed out letters with an image of a tank and soldiers over the letters
Newly Released Office of Legal Counsel Memos Shed Light on Government’s View of War Powers

These opinions were among hundreds published for the first time in response to a Knight First Amendment Institute litigation.