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Illustration of a fruit fly.
Summer Pest or Scientific Marvel?

As you squash the fruit flies invading your kitchen this summer, take a moment to revere them.

Illustration of a person's face with sound bars.
Bringing People Together by Training Machines to Better Understand Our Differences

Influential computer scientist Kathy McKeown heads up two multi-million dollar grants—one to analyze cross-cultural norms and another to better understand grief in the Black community.

The monkeypox virus.
Columbia Health Provides Guidance on Monkeypox Virus

With the number of confirmed cases rising in the U.S. and other countries around the world, New York has declared monkeypox an imminent threat to public health in the state.

Elom Amematsro
A Portrait of the Scientist: Elom Amematsro

Elom Amematsro, a graduate student in the Center for Theoretical Neuroscience at the Zuckerman Institute, uses computer code to build mathematical models that predict the behaviors of brain cells that move our bodies.


Woman writing something with illustration of stock market bars in front of her
Columbians Offer Their Insights on Inflation, Recession, and the Economy

The economic forecast is gloomy and confusing. Faculty members and researchers offer analysis and advice.

A photo of a woman talking to a girl and her mother in a doctor's office
A New Study Finds That Expanding Insurance Coverage for Adults Also Helps Enroll Children

Researchers from the Mailman School of Public Health found that expanding Medicaid coverage for adults also helps to cover children.

Federal Reserve Building facade
Our Central Bank Is Not Created to Solve All Our Economic Woes

As the decision of the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates captures news headlines, it is important to ask if it has taken on too much responsibility. Can it fix our economy?