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Research & Discovery

Illustration of a fruit fly perceiving a field of flowers as colorful.
How Does the Brain Turn Waves of Light Into Experiences of Color?

A new fruit fly study reveals the brain-cell circuitry that converts raw sensory signals into perceptions of color.

Illustration of a doctor inside a patient mind
A Physician’s Journey Into the Minds of Coma Patients

A Columbia neurologist hopes to better identify which patients with severe brain injuries are likely to regain consciousness.

Geologists Folarin Kolawole and Zachary Foster-Baril of Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory prepare to analyze a rock outcrop next to the Lake Solitude Dam in High Bridge, N.J., near the epicenter of a sizable earthquake the previous week.
Hunting for Clues to an Earthquake

Just after an earthquake shook the New York area, Columbia scientists headed to the field to better understand what had happened.

Arts & Humanities

6 books by Columbia alumni
6 New Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List

All by Columbia alumni authors.

Alice Guy-Blaché (Wikimedia Commons)
Alice Guy-Blaché (Wikimedia Commons)
Uncovering the History of Women in Silent Film

With the Women Film Pioneers Project, School of the Arts Film Professor Jane Gaines highlights the women who helped shape the early film industry.

Campus & Community

The Forum during Manhattanville Community Day
What’s Coming to Manhattanville Community Day on June 8

Here’s what to look forward to on Manhattanville Community Day, coming up on June 8.

Construction on Manhattanville campus.
Summer 2024 Construction Projects

While many Columbians may look forward to the summer for a well-deserved break, Facilities and Operations eagerly anticipates it for a different reason - the opportunity to perform a wide range of projects across campus. 

Columbia college class day
15 Photos from Graduation Festivities Celebrating Columbia's Class of 2024

We are so proud of the accomplishments of Columbia's graduates and here are 15 photos to prove it.

National & Global Affairs

pumping gas
Don’t Slam the Door on Inexpensive Chinese Electric Vehicles

EVs shouldn’t be a luxury item, but Biden’s tariffs mean they may remain so.

Delta CEO Ed Bastian
Delta CEO Ed Bastian
Bizcast: Delta CEO Ed Bastian Shares Insights on Leadership, Ethics

Hear the winner of the 2024 Botwinick Prize in Business Ethics describe his values-based approach to leadership.

Lipman Center, Columbia Journalism School
Lipman Center Grants Nearly $190K For Reporting on Inequality and Human Rights

The 5 grants are for journalists and newsrooms reporting on inequalities and misconduct in the American criminal justice system.