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Research & Discovery

Dorothy Peteet
Plumbing the Secrets of New York's Disappearing Wetlands

Columbia Climate School scientist Dorothy Peteet has been studying wetlands like marshes for more than 40 years.

A painting of a pair of zebra finches in a moment of courtship (Credit: Gadagkar lab, Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute).
How an Audience Changes a Songbird’s Brain

New research finds that the brain cell behavior of adult male zebra finches changes when a female finch is nearby.

The desert in the U.S. Southwest
Study Reveals Drivers of the U.S. Southwest's Drought

The study also uses modeling to show possible future scenarios for the region.

Campus & Community

Lights on the Plaza at Manhattanville
Your Guide to Seeing Sparkling Holiday Lights in Uptown NYC

Check out these wonderful light displays Uptown and see photos from the Harlem Holiday Lights celebration on Nov. 14. 

Alex Yuen
Alex Yuen (CC’25) Sets Sail

Meet Alex Yuen, a biochemistry major at Columbia College and president of the Columbia University Sailing Team.

Cozy winter fireplace in John Jay Hall
A Cozy Fireplace Background for Your Holiday Festivities

Enjoy this crackling, relaxing, and cozy fireplace in the background of your holiday festivities.

National & Global Affairs

Columbia campus image
New York Cyber Task Force Makes New Recommendations

The proposals are aimed at improving collaboration and trust between policy makers and industry leaders.

a financial transaction, a woman paying for something
Unlocking the Power of Customer Routines: A Marketing Game Changer

Columbia Business School research introduces a new model that simulates consumer routines, which could prove valuable for retaining customers.

a man kneels at a memorial before an elementary school
Research Collaborations Across Disciplines and Generations Can Help Reduce Gun Violence

Working alongside TC’s Sonali Rajan, a leading expert on research-driven solutions to reduce gun violence, students gain experience in an emerging field.