Recent engineering news from across Columbia.

Columbia Engineers explore the benefits and drawbacks of 3D-printed food technology.

Columbia faculty reflect on the promises and perils of artificial intelligence and how it will shape the future.

Columbia computer scientists are working with the Toyota Research Institute to make advanced home robots a reality.

The academy also elected Christopher H. Scholz, Professor Emeritus of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics, and alumna Regina Barzilay.

Their new method extracts high-quality information from small amounts of frozen tumor tissue.

Columbia neuroscientists identify a mechanism in the brain that tags information with emotional associations for enhanced memory.

The center aims to address rapidly-growing connectivity bottlenecks between data-hungry wireless devices and deluged data centers. 

The Columbia Engineering researchers were selected for their “highly prolific spirit of innovation.”

The new program will allow students to obtain a BS from Ecole Polytechnique and a MS from Columbia Engineering in less than five years.

Professor and former astronaut Mike Massimino will celebrate Italian immigrant heritage at an iconic festival.

Columbia will partner with four other universities to forge livable, safe, and inclusive communities.

Kathy McKeown heads up two large grants—one to analyze cross-cultural norms and another to better understand grief in the Black community.