Recent engineering news from across Columbia.

Professors Ivan Z. Corwin and Harris H. Wang were recognized for their pioneering work.

Chemical engineering professor is recognized for research on early embryonic development. 

A new study shows that the 1987 treaty to protect the ozone has delayed an anticipated climate change milestone by up to 15 years.

Columbia researchers have engineered bacteria to record their environment and then used deep learning to decode the patterns.

The AI Institute for ARtificial and Natural Intelligence (ARNI) will ignite advances in AI and neuroscience.

Columbia engineers have designed a robot hand that uses sensing technology and machine-learning techniques to manipulate objects.

Boyce was instrumental in leading the university through a series of transformational achievements and challenges.

Columbia faculty reflect on the promises and perils of artificial intelligence and how it will shape the future.

Columbia Engineers explore the benefits and drawbacks of 3D-printed food technology.

Columbia computer scientists are working with the Toyota Research Institute to make advanced home robots a reality.

The academy also elected Christopher H. Scholz, Professor Emeritus of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics, and alumna Regina Barzilay.

Their new method extracts high-quality information from small amounts of frozen tumor tissue.