10+ Photos Bringing Glorious Back-to-School Energy as Columbia Students Begin the Fall Semester

From Convocation and move-in, NSOP to ice cream trucks on College Walk, the fall semester is off to an energetic start.

Kelly Moffitt-Hawasly and Jennifer Pellerito
September 13, 2023

To say the energy on Columbia's campuses these past few weeks has been electric would be an understatement. Starting in August, students began returning in droves for a mixture of orientation programs, ceremonies to celebrate their new chapters, and lively events meant to bring everyone together...not to mention classes, which officially started on Sept. 5!

From Convocation, to move-in and family goodbye, the New Student Orientation Program (NSOP) and ice cream trucks on College Walk, the fall semester is already in full gear and we can't wait to see what comes next. 

Cars pull up on College Walk to unload move-in items for students. Balloon wave in the breeze.
A family helps a new Columbia student move in. The whole family is wearing Columbia t-shirts.
Four women pose in front of Barnard balloons with a moving bin.
NSOP leaders cheer as students move in on August 27.
A whole group of students and Dean Shih-Fu Chang throw beanies in the air.
Academic leaders of Columbia University sit in front of Alma Mater during Convocation.
Incoming General Studies students clap at Convocation.
Students and President Minouche Shafik stop by a University Life table at the University Resource Fair
Students pose on the Teachers College steps.
Students dance with headphones on and glow sticks at Low-Lapalooza.
President Minouche Shafik poses with students at Move-In Day