The Columbia University Athletes Who Have Medaled at the Olympics Over the Years

Twenty-three Columbians have won 39 Olympic medals, stretching from 1896 to 2016. Here's a look back at our Lion winners. 

Kelly Moffitt and Jennifer Pellerito
July 14, 2021

As we approach the Tokyo Olympics and get ready to cheer on our Columbia athletes competing this year, we're gearing ourselves up to go for the gold. We've looked back into the Columbia Athletics archives to learn more about the legacy of our Olympic champions.

Below, find the eleven Columbia student-athletes who have medaled at the Olympic Games from 1896 to 2016, garnering a total of 14 medals (five gold, five silver, four bronze) and how they looked at the games when they competed. Hopefully, this year, we'll add even more athletes to our list. Let's go, #LionOlympians!

1896: Thomas Curtis, Track & Field

Thomas Curtis pictured with Track and Field teammates.
  • Gold Medal, Hurdles

1900: Maxwell Long, Track & Field

Maxwell Long runs in 1900.
  • Gold Medal, 400M

1904: Charles Fitzhugh Townsend, Fencing

Charles Fitzhugh Townsend, pictured left.
  • Silver Medal, Team Foil

1904: Robert Leroy, Tennis

Robert Leroy holding a tennis racket.
  • Silver Medal, Singles Tennis

  • Silver Medal, Doubles Tennis

1912: Harry Babcock, Track & Field

Harry Babcock with a pole vault.
  • Gold Medal, Pole Vault

1920: Nat Pendleton, Wrestling

Nat Pendleton wrestles.
  • Silver Medal, Heavyweight Wrestling

1924: Francis Hussey, Track & Field

Francis Hussey runs track.
  • Gold Medal, 4x100 Relay

1932: Hugh Alessandroni, Fencing

Hugh Alessandroni in an Olympics picture with others.
  • Bronze Medal, Team Foil

1948: Norman Armitage, Fencing

Norman Armitage alongside a team photo.
  • Bronze Medal, Team Sabre

1992, 1996, 2000, 2004: Jenny Thompson, Swimming & Diving

Jenny Thompson swimming
  •  8 Gold Medals, 4x100M Freestyle Relay (5), 3x100M Medley Relay (3)

  • 3 Silver Medals, 100M Freestyle, 4x100M Freestyle Relay, 3x100 Medley Relay

  • 1 Bronze Medal, 100M Freestyle

1992: Trent Dimas, Gymnastics

Trent Ditmas at the Olympics
  • Gold Medal, Horizontal Bar

1996 & 2000: Cristina Teuscher, Swimming & Diving

Cristina Teuscher with medals.
  • Gold Medal, 4x200 Freestyle Relay (1996)

  • Bronze Medal, 200 Individual Medley (2000)

2002: Timothy Goebel, Figure Skating

Timothy Goebel at the Olympics
  • Bronze Medal

2004, 2008, 2012: Caryn Davies, Rowing

Caryn Davies
  • Silver Medal, Women's Eight (2004)

  • Gold Medal, Women's Eight (2008)

  • Gold Medal, Women's Eight (2012)

2004: Lauren McFall Gardner, Synchronized Swimming

Lauren McFall Gardner doing synchornized swimming
  • Bronze Medal

2004: Kendra Zanotto, Synchronized Swimming

Keandra Zanotto
  • Bronze Medal

2006: Sasha Cohen, Figure Skating

Sasha Cohen
  • Silver Medal

2008: Erinn Smart, Fencing

Erinn Smart with olympic medals.
  • Silver Medal, Team Foil

2008: Keeth Smart, Fencing

Keeth Smart
  • Silver Medal, Team Sabre

2008: James Williams, Fencing

James Williams with his team and solo
  • Silver Medal, Team Sabre

2012: Maya Lawrence, Fencing

Maya Lawrence.
  • Bronze Medal, Team Épée

2016: Katie Meili, Swimming & Diving

Katie Meilli with her olympic medal and flag.
  • Gold Medal, 4x100 Medley Relay

  • Bronze Medal, 100-Meter Breaststroke

2020: John Tanguay, Paralympic Rowing

John Tanguay with his medal
  • Silver Medal, PR3 Mixed Four with Coxswain