Columbia Professors Discuss the Issues Facing Voters in 2014

The party of the incumbent president almost always loses seats in Congressional midterm elections and so it is predicted this November. In a turbulent world, what is driving some voters to the polls more than others and what might the results mean for such issues as the economy, national security, health care reform and more? The Record asked several Columbia experts for their view. 


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Law School Professor Inspired by Her Own Background to Help Immigrant Children

Elora Mukherjee is a Columbia Law School professor who oversees the school's immigrants rights clinic, which represents a dozen children who crossed the United States' southern border without parental supervision.


Legendary Marshmallow Test Yields Lessons for Everyday Challenges in Self-Control

Walter Mischel, the psychologist renowned for the groundbreaking study known as the “marshmallow test,” has finally decided to tell the story of that research for a general audience. He dedicates the book, aptly titled The Marshmallow Test: Mastering Self-Control, to his now-grown daughters, saying they inspired him when they were young to study self-control in preschoolers.

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