Recent health and wellness news from across Columbia.

A new study shows a way to rejuvenate old blood stem cells, restoring their ability to regenerate and fight age-related diseases.

New research shows that ferroptosis, a form of cell death, occurs in severe COVID-19 patient lungs. Stopping it improves outcomes.

Anger raises the risk of heart attack and stroke. Now a Columbia study may explain how.

A Columbia neurologist hopes to better identify which patients with severe brain injuries are likely to regain consciousness. 

Membership in the academy is considered one of the highest honors a scientist can receive.

Making use of this new brain circuit could lead to new therapies for many immune disorders.

The new findings raise the possibility that anticancer drugs could be used to help prevent heart attacks.

Columbia researchers have created mice with hybrid brains—part mouse, part rat—that sense odors with their rat neurons.

The discovery could lead to new types of drugs to prevent and treat the disease.

Columbia biomedical engineers unveiled a groundbreaking new AI tool to study and diagnose heart function.


A Columbia study showed that the technology can eradicate more than 99% of virus particles in a real-life setting outside a lab.

A new type of investigational therapeutic in development has shown unprecedented tumor-fighting abilities.