Recent health and wellness news from across Columbia.

A new paper paves the way for better detection and prevention of certain precancerous changes in the esophagus and stomach.

Columbia researchers have created a sort of  “bacterial suicide squad” that targets tumors.

A device that uses ultrasound to calm nerves in kidneys may be able to help some people get their blood pressure under control.

Feeling preoccupied with your fitness regimen could be a warning sign of exercise addiction.

A professor discusses why early puberty is becoming more common and why it's a concern.  

Columbia gastroenterologist Shilpa Ravella on the foods everyone should be eating — and the ones to avoid.

With the help of the new atlas, researchers found features of motor neurons that make them vulnerable to degenerative disease. 

Reducing calorie intake appears to slow biological aging processes and extend healthy lifespans, according to new research.

If your quality of life is disrupted by menopause symptoms, hormone replacement therapy may be appropriate.

Certain healthy gut bacteria are reduced in people with chronic fatigue, new research shows.

Young blood has a rejuvenating effect when infused into older bodies, according to recent research.

Store shelves are loaded with beauty and hygiene products containing seriously harmful chemicals.