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A book gathers experts and scholars to investigate how this decline is playing out during the climate crisis.

By replicating successful strategies found in nature, as Dickson Despommier outlines in his new book.

Kailani Acosta is curating an exhibition that explores how geology, history, and culture intersect and influence each other.

A new research technique zeroes in on the little-explored world of nanoplastics, which can pass into blood, cells, and the brain.

The University put out major studies in climate science, public health, neuroscience, and quantum mechanics this year.

A new large-scale study lays out a daunting picture of where the Earth’s climate may be headed. 

But in the meantime, he’s busy going to Broadway shows, concerts, and museums.

A Climate School study found that farmworkers worldwide are increasingly exposed to extreme heat that could hinder their work.

The paper says that current mainstream warming estimates are too low.

Rapidly intensifying hurricanes are hard to predict. Research suggests that climate change may be making them more frequent.

Puerto Rico's El Yunque National Forest provides important insight into the effect that lack of rainfall has on plant life.

"Genius" grants are given to Courtney Bryan, Raven Chacon, and A. Park Williams, all of whom have strong connections to the University.