In the Lab

In the Lab is a Columbia News series devoted to the interesting work—scientific, humanities-based, or interdisciplinary—of faculty and students.

Bae, a postdoc working in the lab of Professor Xiaoyang Zhu, shares her journey to Columbia and what went into her recent Nature paper. 

Postdoc Aaron Schein explains how he fell into data science while studying policy and why negative scientific results should be celebrated.

PhD student Luhuan Wu explains how statistics can make stars in distant galaxies easier to see and shares her secrets for taking stunning photos.

Postdoc Robert Fernandez studies the nervous system of roundworms and helps students from underrepresented backgrounds pursue science.

PhD student Daniel Fraga is studying ‘green’ hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels while sharing lighter moments on TikTok.

Lights! Camera! Quantum! The theoretical quantum physicist by day and actor by night explains how she blends science and art.

Trees are migrating as Earth’s climate warms. The ‘shotgun scientist’ is tracking and sharing their movements.

Associate Director Guy de Lancey says it is a place that blends dance, performance, and tech.

Shailee Shah, GSAS'22, explains why superb starlings may have evolved to live in groups in which unrelated birds help raise others' offspring.

Abdus-Saboor, a neurobiologist, traces his path to Columbia and explains his fascination with a rodent that rarely feels pain.

In a new study, PhD students Gabriel Bridges and Shifra Mandel help show that both poles of Jupiter are aglow with high-energy light.

Tessa Montague, a postdoc at the Zuckerman Institute, studies the neural basis of camouflage in cuttlefish.